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If you check out the Kindle Version of my book within Amazon’s website (Ignore And Score) you can see something I just discovered… quotes highlighted by Kindle users! These are specific sections from my book that readers highlighted for themselves… and apparently amazon tracks this. Amazing!

I’m amazed and proud that people are actually reading my book so I’m making this one fun post to share (brag?).

I write this blog to help support my fellow brothers fighting in the dating trenches and I REALLY appreciate all your reciprocation, shared stories, and blog comments. Thanks everyone!

Hugs and Kisses…. 😉


Top Quotes From My Book As Highlighted By You

“Give a woman perfect certainty and her desire will fade; give a woman hope and uncertainty and she’ll want you forever.” (Page 10)

“Women are attracted to men who have their own opinions and well-defined boundaries; that is, their own identity.”(Page 24)

“What you need to do is stop worrying about what her expectations are, and instead, think about what your expectations are.”(Page 30)

“Your job is to build a woman’s interest and anticipation by letting her know how fun, honest, sincere, intelligent and caring you are, while also giving her some resistance to gaining full access to you. This resistance is the tension she’ll enjoy, and the basis for her growing attraction to you.”(Page 9)

“Our goal isn’t to build confidence, because we already have it. Our goal is to remove the negative, disempowering voices that distract and hinder us, in order to regain control of ourselves and our destinies.”(Page 23)

“Courage is taking action in spite of our fears. It’s courage that attracts women, not lack of fear.”(Page 39)

“Pay attention to your physical posturing when chatting with women: be sure to never lean into them for more than a few moments. Try to always be leaning away; you’ll notice that if she’s interested, she’ll start leaning into you instead.”(Page 13)

“It’s universally understood that women are attracted to leaders. This doesn’t mean you need to be a social leader, although it helps; it simply means your behaviors must communicate to her that you’re in control of yourself.”(Page 33)

“Tension is created when a force is applied; that force is resistance. If you give your date exactly what she wants, all of the time, you are effectively killing her attraction for you.”(Page 9)

“Ignore your need to reassure her of your intentions, and instead, escalate with your actions. Don’t bother telling her endlessly how great she is, and how much time you want to spend with her. Instead, simply spend more time with her. Let your actions speak for you.”(Page 77)

“Attraction isn’t all about pulling her in with your wit, your looks, your money, or your charm; it’s also about the emotional energy of anticipation and mystery.”(Page 12)

“Give a girl what she wants, without resistance, and you’ll extinguish her attraction. If you tease a woman by interchangeably giving and withholding, you build tension and attraction.”(Page 10)

“Women generally don’t make decisions based on deep intellectual debate because women are just like you and me: they make decisions based upon how they feel.”(Page 21)

“When you drown a woman in compliments and put her on a pedestal, you’re displaying low personal value.”(Page 10)

“Creating tension in a relationship with a woman is a fine balance of keeping up a sense of mystery and unpredictability about yourself, as well as maintaining your personal boundaries, while ensuring that your date does not interpret the tension she feels as a warning sign of possible danger.”(Page 9)


~ Robby

P.S. I didn’t make these up… see them listed on my Amazon Book Page Here: Ignore And Score

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  1. Dave says:

    I can tell by these quotes alone that you make some very interesting points in your book. I'll definitely have to check it out. Good stuff man.


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