Why Don’t I Have A Girlfriend Yet?


You’re Soft

Sure you’re fat and lazy, and women hate that, but it’s more then that.

It’s because we live in a generation of men who are scared to lead, who are scared to be rejected, and who need constant coddling.

“What? She didn’t text me back! Oh, I give up.”

“What? She likes someone else? Oh, I’m a loser, I give up.”

“What if she laughs at me? Oh, I can’t handle that type of rejection.”

Sound familiar? I hope not.

Next time you’re feeling sorry for yourself while eating bacon chips and playing HALO: REACH realize something…

1) HALO’s awesome. It’s okay to play it. Just don’t use it as a crutch to do nothing.

2) Getting rejected is just a stepping stone to finding the greatest sexual experience of your life! Each new woman you meet who’s not right for you is just another girl on your way to meeting Mrs. Right!

3) Pain is weakness leaving the body. Each time you challenge your ego (by risking rejection or embarrassment) you’re strengthening your character, self confidence, and social value. Like reps at the gym you can’t just stop after two or you’ll never get stronger, faster and more beautiful.

4) The ego is training wheels that helped you get out and about when you turned 5. Now that you’re a man it’s time to take them off and enjoy the world without such useless ideas. Men and women don’t need to like you for you to have REAL value as a person. Only YOU have to like you. Kill your ego.

5) You don’t need to be good with women to get a woman. All you need is persistence. If she doesn’t respond to your flirting and invitation, try a different approach. Being nice didn’t work? Try playfully teasing her. Try being really serious. Try being really silly. You’d be amazed at how many “no’s” it takes before the world’s best Salesmen move on to their next customer.. an average of 7. If she hasn’t said “no” 7 times then you’re just not trying. But, if she still doesn’t like ?you then meet someone new. Persistence always wins.

6) Do some learning. Go online and read. Read my book. Google ATTRACTION and RAPPORT and learn everything you can about relationships, flirting, dating, sex, marriage, commitment, etc. Learn EVERYTHING you can about women and dating. There’s enough people teaching this stuff online that you have NO excuses for having “dating ignorance.”

7) You gotta have heart. If you hate women, they’ll hate you. If you love women, all women, then you’ll naturally be more attractive to women. So shed your angry jaded judgements about women, and do it now!


Secret To Success

I’m not as well spoken as this guy (Eric Thomas: Secret To Success), so watch his videos and realize you’re just being a pussy.

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fsm-QbN9r8

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftN1xPXFDzI




~ Robby

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