What’s Worse: Slutty Women or Creepy Men?


Labeling Women?

I came across an interesting thread on Guys Ask Girls and it made me think about the way men and women judge each other, and how we use these judgements to both delude ourselves into thinking we’re better than we are AND to keep others from hurting us.

Let’s imagine Rich Men of power and influence “invented” the negative slurs/insults/labels/judgements like Whore and Slut simply to imply that open sexual relationships are “BAD.” This would put social pressure on women to not cheat on their husbands, and would possibly prevent women from openly sleeping around for fear of the social rejection that might follow it.

Rich Guy get’s married and doesn’t want his wife making sexy times with anyone else, nor does he want his daughter spreading her legs for every hot jock who winks at her… so by reinforcing negative labels on women’s sexual expressions he can help retard their sexual exploration. He wins. Plus his wife wins because she doesn’t like the idea of other women trading their bodies for sex because it might lure her husband into someone else’s bedroom.

(P.S. I think we can blame many religious groups for promoting such deeply negative nonsense about sex being “bad,” and there by ruining the enjoyment of sex and masturbation for millions.)

But men are never really labeled as sluts or whores. We have have current day labels like “Play Boys” or “Player.” And while this might help some women avoid these guys, mostly we men wear a label like this as a badge of honor. It’s like saying, “Hey look at me! I’m great with the ladies!”


Labeling Men?

But there IS one stereotype women have managed to invent that has made it’s way into our current lexicon: creepy. Instead of implying a man might be gross because he’s sexual, it implies that he’s dangerous gross, and ultimately pathetic. It’s kinda fantastic really. No guy want’s to be labeled creepy.

So, all I can say is this.. well done ladies. I’m glad to see things are starting to ballance in our world of negative labels and such.

And yes, many men ARE creepy. Avoid them because they’re either socially uncalibrated (which means they’ll emberass you infront of your friends) or they’re dangerous.

~ Robby


P.S. This is the thread I’m referring to: “Why do all girls call guys they’re not attracted to ‘creepy’?”

Read his “brilliant” (read: jaded, angry, and insecure) update: Update: Every single girl I see says that. What the f***? People who try to justify that bullsh*t are nothing more than bitches and whores. F*** THEM! Thanks guys for the responses.”


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