Turning The Conversation Sexual

Turning The Conversation Sexual

Maybe it’s her friends pulling her away from you, maybe it’s the loud music in the club, maybe it’s you. You don’t know WHAT it is but it’s a matter of time before you lose her. You can see it before your eyes.

In what follows, I’m going to solve this problem for you. I can get you past this sticking point of not being able to get a girl genuinely interested in you for more than a couple of minutes. In fact, I’m gonna do more than that.

The answer is sex. If you want to get laid a lot and with lots of different women, you have to introduce sex as early in the conversation as possible (I’m gonna teach you how).

What I’m about to teach you will not only move things to the next level with pretty much any woman, but will cause her to never catalogue you as yet another “boring dude” that she’s met in the club.

After being told by several different girls that, no matter what we talk about, I always steer things to sex, I want to share this weird secret with you. I’m about to show you how to lure girls into innocent conversations, plant a sexual seed and then quickly start talking about sex like you’re already doing it with each and every one of them.

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If there’s one mistake guys make with girls that sabotages their chances of getting some, is they aren’t sexual enough. They spend hours and hours trying to “build rapport” or “getting to know her” or, even worse “creating attraction”, instead of focusing on the primal emotion that drives us humans: sex.

Even before you start opening your mouth, a woman’s brain whispers to her “SEX!”. This guy wants to be with you. So yes, sex is on the table right from the get go. Now, you can’t start talking about it right from the start – that would be creepy.

But what you CAN do is wait for the right moment to show your sexual side, and then jump at the opportunity, instead of wasting it by fluff-talking your way out of getting laid. And that moment happens usually way sooner that most guys think… usually in the first 4-5 minutes after you’ve met her, sometimes even as soon as 90 seconds.

The good news is that turning a conversation to sex can happen at any point. You just have to trust yourself that you can do it and let go of that silly voice in your head that tells you it’s too soon.

To be a master at turning conversations to sex, you have to know a lot about it. Here are a few starting points (all of which are covered in the Sensual Hunter Method):

– sexual jokes
– sexual facts
– sensual projections
– celebs and gossip


I know, I know. Talking about Brad Pitt’s sexual life is somewhat below your level, but you’ll be doing it with a purpose. You see, it’s socially acceptable to talk about a celebrity’s sex life, even at times when yours or hers is out of the question. From there on, the seed has been planted and you’ll soon enough start discussing which position she enjoys best.

Sexual jokes and facts are yet another way to spice things up. Stronger than sex gossip, sexual jokes should be used carefully. Use stronger jokes when you’ve already established some good rapport. Use lighter ones when you’re not there yet.

And if most of the jokes you know are too dirty to say to a woman you’ve just met, how about some sex facts?

Did you know that dolphins and bonobos are the only creates besides humans that have sex for pleasure? Or that a sexual act can burn 100 calories for the woman and 150 for the man? Did you know that kissing can reduce tooth decay?


Once you start digging into sexual facts, you’ll absorb them like a sponge. Trust me, once you read and reread them, more and more opportunities to inject them into innocent conversations will unfold.

Let me put everything into perspective for you on how to become natural at turning any conversation with a woman to sex:

1. Educate yourself to the point you become a sex expert
2. Start regular conversation with girls, then, with the first chance you get, interject some of the things you remember about sex
3. Don’t be afraid they’ll react badly: they won’t. Stand your ground and let the chips fall where they may.
4. Interject more sexual facts, jokes or projections after 3-4 minutes. You can, of course, adjust this interval depending on your skill and the girl you’re talking with.


Good luck!

~ Don Amante

Contributor from SensualHunter.com


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