Top 5 Sexual Positions (Women Prefer)

Sometimes I dream up a topic, then I do my research. Today is such a day. Let the sexy times ensue… These results might surprise you!

Before I give you the REAL results (from actual studies and from actual people) I’m going to take a wild guess at women’s top five… based only on my limited experience with such creatures…

My guess:

  1. Doggy Style
  2. Cow Girl
  3. Spooning (Doggy style on your side?)
  4. Reverse Cowgirl (She’s on top but facing backwards)
  5. Missionary Position (which my friend Kim calls “Military Style”)

The Results

Now for the TRUE answers, according to my quick and dirty google search (I’m lazy.) It turns out there are all types of results… there are “sexual positions that will Increase her chance of orgasm” and there are “sexual positions she simply prefers.”


7 Positions For her Orgasm (according to this article)

  1. Missionary, with pillow and folding … (seen here)
  2. Girl on her belly, guy on top … (seen here)
  3. Sideways missionary … (seen here)
  4. Reverse Cowgirl, with legs together … (seen here)
  5. The kitchen table … (seen here)
  6. Cowgirl while he’s sitting up … (seen here)
  7. Sideways spooning … (seen here)

Top Positions Couples Prefer (according to this survey):

  1. Doggy: 35%
  2. You on top: 20%
  3. Her on top: 20%
  4. Her legs over your shoulders: 8%

Top 5 Positions She Prefers

(according to this poll, and this website)

1) Doggy Style

doggy style position


2) Girl On Top


3) Missionary



4) Spooning



5) Counter Top Sex



If you disagree with my above results, I’d love to hear about it… leave a comment below.

~ Robby

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25 thoughts on “Top 5 Sexual Positions (Women Prefer)

  1. brs says:

    what about when she is laying on her side and the man is upright, sort of like doggy style but at at a ninety degree angle rather than normal? it makes her scream (or at least it made my ex-wife scream)

  2. girlie says:

    Ecowarrior…love to watch my partner’s penis going in and out as well i find it easiest to watch when he is on his knees and I’m on my back i can lean up and watch the magic unfold.

    Personally I prefer reverse cowboy and doggie style even anal gets me off better then any of the other positions…least fav is missionary

  3. Chloe says:

    I lik all of the top 5 and I really love doggies style because I believe it lets him go deeper which feels better to me and I mean the deeper he goes actually the quicker the girl with have an orgasm as in within 15-45 minutes.

  4. Jacki says:

    To Ecowarrior: Let her use a hand mirror to watch what you're doing. By the way, if she's on top, cowgirl style, you'll get a better view with that hand mirror.

    To the question about favorite position: Cowgirl works best for me. And when we are doing doggie, he reaches under and rubs my clitty. Works for me!

  5. Sandra Camp says:

    These are pretty accurate. Personally, i love doggy style. I like that it's rougher than other positions. And to cope with the visual aspect of the deed, my lover and i incorporated the use of a mirror. This little detail makes things different and exciting.

  6. Jack Frost says:

    Hannah, my girl's favourite position is doggy style and, trust me, she doesn't have a problem getting off. After a half hour or so of that she usually ends up quivering facedown on the bed.

    She also loves missionary for the face to face value but doggy style is a bit more of a rougher, guy-in-charge, position that she seems to enjoy quite alot.

  7. Robby says:

    I didn't invent these poll results, they came from real polls and from real women.

    And I can attend to this list… I've had intimate conversations with enough women to KNOW this is an accurate list. Doggy style is ALWAYS in the top 2 spots.

    I think it's pretty ridiculous that you think your one point of view has enough experience and authority to paint all other women wrong if they see things differently from your jaded view.

  8. hannah says:

    ill be honest, from the female perspective this is pretty wrong. there are alot of sexual freaks on the internet, mostly men voting as women i gather. i say this because, i have never met a single woman in my life who has said "i like doggystyle, or doggystyle is my favorite". We like to look at the guy we're letting in there, if not whats the point of even having standards! Also, doggystyle is nearly impossible with to have an orgasm, because our clits on the front not on our ass. God, it just pisses me off. You watch your porn, you think oh yeah "This is what i do". No it's not. Look at her, tell her shes pretty, and do the deed. You wanna do doggy, your either lazy or gay.

  9. Ecowarrior says:

    This is actually a question not a comment. My favorit thing to do while making love with my hot wife is to watch my penis going in and out. I would like her to be able to see what I do. Anyone know of a position so she can watch the fun??????

  10. Charlotte says:

    First off, it's not a lesson of "how to get on top". In my opinion, it's all about the angle (because, whether we like it or not, our "pleasure spot" is slightly more intricate than yours). Nevertheless, I think your top-5 is pretty spot on.


  11. cynical dater says:

    First of all, those pictures are hysterical. Where did you find those?! Love them. Now that that's out of the way…personally I'm a fan of anything kitchen related, so I like the kitchen table/counter top action. Against the fridge is good too…not necessarily because it feels so good, maybe, but because it's different, unexpected, and thus exciting…

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