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QUESTION: I’m Shy And Don’t Know How to Meet Women, Help!

QUESTION: Hello, I would like to take women on dates. The problem that I’m currently facing is to know where I could meet some women.I just graduated from college, and never went on a date. I know that I should have experience by now what it is like to date

QUESTION: She Confessed Her Love And Then Dumped Me For A Bad Boy, Help!

I’m trying something new this week… I’m answering a question via video. I’ve never done this before so please check it out and let me know what you think. Am I being too mean? Am I missing the point? Am I helping a brother out? Leave your comments below.  😀

Understanding Women: Part 1 – Women are illogical?

When it comes to understanding women you must be willing to understand that attraction isn’t about logic, it’s about feelings, emotions, and our genetic instincts.

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