Sexual Rejection From Your Wife Or Girlfriend


Howard Stern

I realize this blog is mostly about dating, but today will be an exception. Today I just wanted to share an audio clip from the Howard Stern show.

Howard Stern with his wife.

I happen to love listening to Howard Stern because he’s exactly like me: he’s neurotic, he’s worried about bed bugs, he has a beautiful wife (girlfriend in my case), he goes to bed at 8 PM so that he can get up at 4 AM, and he’s ugly as sin.

Pay attention to his insights in this audio post… here he talks about how men will often feel angry or jaded when their wives or girlfriends turn down sex, and how us men will often feel grumpy, pouty, and seriously hurt. I can relate, I was once married, so I’ve been there and done that. Thankfully I’ve grown up a lot since then, but I really feel like most guys should hear this.

Listen to this and give me your thoughts:

Audio Clip Here (Mp3)


Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino

I realize that men and women both hate any type of rejection, especially sexual rejection. And I think Howard really does point fingers at something about us guys… an almost uncounsious emotional need for approval. There’s something deep down in us that makes us expect our women to ALWAYS respond to our sexual advances… We spend out youth chasing ass, and when we finally marry it we expect it to always be available. Obviously this isn’t reality but this doesn’t stop us from having baby temper tantrums.

A perfect example is “The Situation” from Jersey Shore, Season 2, Episode 12. If you don’t watch the show you can get the entire episode recap here. Basically Pauly D and The Situation bring home some girls from the club (twice that episode) and as soon as “The Situtaion” starts to get sexual resistence from his girl he blows up and tells the girls to leave. It’s pathetic and it’s the worst type of “Wing Man” ?you can imagine.

What’s more interesting is that Psychology Today wrote two whole articles on Mike and his behavior, calling him narcissistic. It’s pretty enjoyable to read and it helps me to realize that everyone watching knows how stupid his actions were.

I?just hope that I never act like that the next time I’m rejected.

~ Robby


P.S. Here is a text’d image that Beth sent Howard that he then posted on his website.

Beth Stern Text Photo

I happen to know an amazing dating guru who’s written a book on how to TEXT MESSAGE. Go read it here.

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