Sex and Pizza …


(Today?s Guest Guru Post is by David Wygant, a legendary Dating Coach with his own fantastic website? Go check it out!)

A friend of mine just asked me a really funny question.

?Would you rather masturbate or have bad sex??

I had to think?

The question isn?t easy to answer?

But in the end, I?d rather masturbate than have bad sex.

Here?s the deal: masturbation is quick, easy, and painless. I can think about whomever I want, in whatever outfit I want, doing whatever nasty things I want.

Quick, done. I feel good, and relaxed. The tension is taken care of.

Granted, I?m missing the kissing, the touching, the holding, the intimacy, and the conversation. I?m not getting the total package, the whole nine yards, the whole seduction.

And isn?t that what we all really want?

But get this: bad sex is awful, it?s awkward, it?s terrible. And afterwards, you have to lie in bed next to somebody you just had the worst sex with ever.

Think about it.

You?re not aligned with them sexually at all and now you?ve got to lay there, and hope and pray that they disappear or ?have to get up early for work? or ?go home to let out the dog?.

What?s even worse is when they spend the night!

The perks of waking up next to someone you resonate with on a physical/sexual/emotional/mental level, is that you get to express that attraction in the morning. I?m not a morning-sex guy but it?s awfully hard to resist when you?re waking up next to your sexual match.

But when the sex is bad?

Not only do you have bad memories from the previous night, but now you have to contend with her morning breath and crusty eyes. And she wants to use your toothbrush and wear one of your t-shirts, and she doesn?t realize how bad she was so she wants to have more bad sex with you right now!

Some of you may agree with the saying that ?sex is like pizza?even when it?s bad it?s still pretty good.?

Whoa buddy. No.

Bad sex is not good.

I?ll avoid it at any cost.

I don?t believe in it.

I think all of you should hold out for good sex. All of you should hold out for ladies that you are really attracted to.

Get out there and date?by all means! But don?t settle for the first person to show you sexual interest. And if you do end up having mediocre sex with them?let it end there! And spend your energy getting what you really want.

It?s all about good sex people.

Get. It.

~ David?

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