How To Turn A Friend Into Your Girlfriend – By David Kwan

“Women are programmed to DESPISE weak men. The most important female need is to feel SAFE, and a weak man is never going to be able to make her feel this way.”



How to Avoid the Friend Zone – David DeAngelo

“You’ve met a woman you think might be ?The One? but she tells you that she’s not feeling anything ?romantic? with you. Learn the one secret to what it takes to have her ?feel it? for you and what to AVOID doing, so you’re not stuck in the ?friend zone? over and over with exceptional women.”



How to Turn a Woman from Friend to Lover

“Some women keep you as a friend because you’ve been too scared to make your romantic interest known, or you’ve made a bunch of bonehead mistakes, and alienated her (at least temporarily) from being romantic. Perhaps you’ve made fart jokes, said callous things, or treated her like a buddy; nothing too serious. These are women you’ve got a shot at changing into lovers.”



How To Seduce Her From ?Friend? To ?Lover? In 5 Steps Or Less. – Written by me.

“In almost every scenario you end up rejected, embarrassed, or suppressed.

What?s the best way to move forward?

Well I finally have the answer and it only took me 10 years to figure it out. Hopefully you?ll be wise enough to pay attention to my timely advice.”




“So you?re good friends with a woman, but over time developed feelings for her. Now you?re wondering what you can do to get her to like you and accomplish the unthinkable: get out of the friend zone.”