Questions: Whats With High School Girls And Jocks?


Alright, it seems like in high school that to get a hot girl you need to be bad or be really amazing at sports. I got the sport thing down, but what happened to the girls who love a guy because of who he is and a guy loves a girl for same reasons? In high school it looks like all the girls want the bad boy, and the guys just want sex.


You’re right and you’re wrong.

You’re right that guys want sex, especially in high-school. Unfortunately you’ll always want sex. It’s genetic. It’s in your DNA. Don’t feel bad about, don’t make excuses, and don’t ever apologize for it. And it’s nice to see that you realize that sex isn’t EVERYTHING. It’s just one thing.

But you’re simply not paying attention to the right things.. you’re making the wrong assumptions.

Here’s what’s happening: You’re seeing girls with jocks and you’re assuming they’re choosing these dudes for only superficial reasons (looks, money, etc.)

But attraction isn’t a choice.

If she feels attraction towards the jocks, there’s nothing she can do about it.

Granted, the younger a girl/guy the more motivated she/he seems to be towards superficial things like social status, etc. There’s nothing to be done about this. It’s a pretty natural stage of progression from being a girl to becoming a woman. We men have our own rights of passage to figure out.

Realize self expression can go too far…

But the key to getting a girl of any age is to understand how attraction works. Start by reading this: link

The secret to why athletes do better with women is because jocks grow up involved in many social gatherings, events and parties. Being socially calibrated (skilled) is the number 1 way to express social confidence and awareness. Everyone is attracted to a person who can speak well infront of others, and who can express themselves amongst others.

Imagine you’re a dude who spends three years working out, running around with 30 friends, and enjoying late night games where hundreds of screaming fans who amp up your adrenalin and confidence. You’re going to be naturally better with women simply because you have better social skills.

If a girl is faced with two dudes who look the same she’s always going to feel more comfortable with the one guy who’s more socially calibrated. The dude who can make small talk with any stranger is going to have more Alpha qualities. It’s really that simple.

To gain social proof all you need to do is become more socially experienced.

The fastest way is to simply make small talk with every human you meet… shopping, buying groceries, etc. This is how all of the worlds greatest pickup artists have learned how to flirt and cold approach women they meet.

The worst way to get good with women is to complain that women only like all the bad guys who aren’t you. Being jaded, jealous or angry isn’t the approach that’s going to win her over.

~ Robby

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