Question: Why Don’t I Like Him?



He seems like the perfect good guy.

He?s polite, respectful, nice, smart, like everything I could ask for but, I just don?t like him ?like that? I think he?s in the friend zone.

He just does too much for me like EVERYTHING for me, he remembers everything I tell him, he won?t let me pay for anything when we go out. I feel so poor when he pays for everything lol and I want to do something for him but I don?t know what?

I don?t want to give up on him either I just don?t know if this will go anywhere we?ve been talking for 2 months now. How can I become attracted to him?

stuck in the friend zone


Attraction isn’t a choice. It’s like saying, “How can I feel hungry for sea food, even though I don’t like sea food?”

It’s not impossible to love someone over time, but attraction isn’t about being close and intimate and sharing feelings… attraction is about emotion and tension.

You buddy needs to read some books on attraction and masculine energy.

Here’s WHY he’s not attractive… he’s removing all tension and acting like your best friend. Boring…zzzzzzzzzz

Instead of listening to everything you say like a lost puppy dog hoping for your attention, he should step back a moment and realize that women don’t value what they get for free. He needs to make you EARN his attention a little bit. He needs to tease you and be more playful.

He needs to surprise you once in a while with something off the wall and crazy. Maybe take you to some random event without warning you, then drop you off afterward, leaving you wanting more.

If you really want him to turn things around then tell him so. Be open and honest and say, ‘listen… I think you’re great but you’re a push over and that’s boring to me. I love that you’re sweet and honest and open, that’s what makes you a great friend. But if you want more from me then you’re going to have to learn about flirting and teasing and seduction and attraction. You’re going to have to learn how to tease me and make me FEEL excited and attracted to you. There’s books, blogs and resources.. go read them.”

Maybe suggest something like this post: READ THIS

That’s more then any girl should do but if he’s worth it, and he’s willing to do his homework, he might be able to turn you into his lover in no time!


~ Robby

friends to lovers

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