Question: Why Do Women Love Assholes?


Why do women love assholes?

I see that all my teammates seniors have tones of girlfriends.

There are many other nice guys but the girls choose the one’s that treat them like garbage.The ex captain of my soccer team is the king of the assholes. He runs the group of seniors and mocks and makes fun of the freshman or sophomores by doing the stupid jokes. He treats women really bad.

He once was in a double relationship with two sisters: one in junior and the other was a freshman and he joked about that.

But these women still do anything to be his girlfriend.

Girls do you really like being treated this way?

PS. Not all the girls in school like him but it seems like the majority do.


Two things:


High school is about learning to be social and calibrating your behaviors. This will actually bring you great success in life if you can learn from it. After high school these cliques fade fast.

Trust me, girls get better once you leave high school.

In highschool there will always be jerks or assholes who are simply more popular then the rest.

Don’t confuse popularity with attractiveness. Just because girls want his social power and attention doesn’t mean that he’s really being attractive.

Take him out of the highschool setting and you’ll find that his behaviors will seem childish, immature, and unattractive to older more-mature women.

But there are things these guys are doing that women respond to – learn these things (alpha, confident, leadership skills, extroverted, social behaviors.)

There are also things these guys are doing that you may not morally agree with (teasing others, being negative, being dishonest, etc.) Learn from this as well. Most negative behavior comes from immaturity and deep insecurities. Learn what NOT to do. Being an asshole to gain attention is NOT the way to a woman’s heart, no matter what seems to be happening in school.

The more secure you are as a MAN, the less you will feel the need to hurt others.

You’ll discover that you can be attractive to women without having to be immature, or hateful about it.

What you SHOULD learn from the asshole jocks is that being highly social is a GREAT skill! You can be social and friendly without being a jerk about it. And it’s this one skill that will get you the farthest in life, and with women. Being the guy who can enter a room and talk with anyone is incredibly attractive to most women!


You might discover that some high school girls are incredibly insecure and immature.

They desperately want social acceptance from the popular jocks. These do not make good girlfriends. I know because I’ve dated many of them. Superficial or insecure girls are too drama driven and high maintenance.

Instead you should pay attention to the girls who are shy, quiet, or at least quietly secure, because they will provide the most balanced and emotionally mature partnership – and therefore the best to date!

Chase the geeks because they tend to be more real and sincere.

Don’t let your insecurities, or private envy confuse you – assholes are assholes, and real women of value will avoid them.

Be a man of value, give others value, and you will gain the attraction and respect of those women who notice.

Good luck dude!
~ Robby

One thought on “Question: Why Do Women Love Assholes?

  1. King of da 503 says:

    1st time on ur blog.. I must say, you got a good thing going… anyways, good stuff, and yes, I must agree- lotsa people are not worth your time… seems as if America has hit on something… being PC and wussy equals being dateless, angry and whiny…

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