Question: Why Do Guys Like Big Boobs?



(Posted on from a girl between 18 – 24 years old)

Guys: Why are big boobs “hotter”?

It seems that girls who’re slim and busty are hotter than us who are slim and well, small chested. I have wide hips. I’d be a perfect hourglass if I had big boobs, but I don’t have them. I rarely get told I’m hot, and I don’t dress nor do I act like a nun. Nor like a slut. I get told I’m a really nice, fun and smart girl.

Yet girls with big boobs (who are slim) get told they’re hot all the time. You see the same thing happening with actresses. Sofia Vergara, for instance, is always the “hot” one, all guys think she’s hot and desirable and sexy and they drool and whatever. Yet, say, Kate Hudson doesn’t incite the same feelings in guys.

I want to be hot, but it seems I can’t unless I magically grow big boobs (because implants are a turn off apparently).

About penis size: it’s not the same because you don’t see huge penises on TV like you see breasts, and also, only the first 2 or 3 inches of the vagina are sensitive anyway. I always get told that it’s the same as penis size, and it is not! Maybe if you had your d*** was on display all the time it would be the same, but it’s not. So that’s not a valid argument. Plus technique IS more important, and I have never given much importance to size anyway.

About height: most girls are shorter than the majority of guys (there will always be a shorter girl than you)

About hair: bald guys can be hot (see Bruce Willis, Taye Diggs, Donald Faison and many others).

About muscles: you can grow them naturally. You can’t grow boobs.

Update: To the girls who say it doesn’t matter, well just look at what the media portrays as hot, and you’ll notice women tend to have big boobs. Like I said Sofia Vergara, Salma Hayek, Katy Perry, they’re all considered SEX symbols, whereas…

Update: … women like Kate Hudson or Keira Knightley ARE considered beautiful and elegant, but not HOT or sex symbols. Plus just look at Playboy or Maxim, they all have chesty, slim women. And they represent men’s ideals, otherwise they wouldn’t sell.


You’re delusional if you don’t think Keira Knightly is sexy, hot and PERFECT!

My Answer:

Guys don’t choose girls based JUST on how they look. Being “hot” will get you noticed but it won’t land you the guy of your dreams.

Stop being so superficial. Stop being like the media.

Reality is that men choose to be with women based on how they make him FEEL. If you’re sexy and smart then you’re in. And being sexy isn’t about how you look, it’s about how you move, how you talk, and how you FEEL.


Proof Big Boobs Don’t Always Equal Hot.

Choose to feel sexy and everyone around you will automatically feel it too. Notice how quiet girls suddenly get more attention when they’ve had a few drinks? It’s because they’re suddenly more social and they FEEL more confident.

It’s this inner FEELING you have about yourself that will dictate how others will FEEL when around you. Choose to feel sexy and the boys will too.
I speak from many years of dating many women. The “hot and sexy” ones are the women with the most inner confidence and self assurance. The pretty ones with big t*ts get old real fast when they’re insecure and needy.


Her Response:

But being hot doesn’t mean I won’t get the guy of my dreams either. And if I get the guy of my dreams, then I want him to have the BEST, which means, the whole package: fun, confident, good in bed, smart, sweet and HOOOOOOOOOOT. That’s the thing. It’s part of the package. I already had a guy settle for my body, and it SUCKED!!!!


My Response:

What do you mean you “had a guy settle for your body”?

And “HOT” is a judgment of attraction, and our human attraction for someone else is based more on who that person is BEING then how they look or what they say. Ask any woman who falls in love with any man.. she’ll call him HOT no matter how he looks.

P.S. The man of your dreams isn’t as superficial as you’re making him sound.. he’ the guy who doesn’t care about your looks, he cares about YOU.


Her Response:

My ex, he complained that my boobs were small in a couple occasions, when I asked him if he preferred big boobs he said yes, etc. Which means I wasn’t his ideal type physically, and that sucks.

Sure the perfect guy might not be superficial, but he’ll be a guy, ridden with testosterone. He’d be WAY happier to have a HOT girlfriend who was ideal physically, than just an average Plain Jane. And my ex told me all guys prefer big boobs over small.


Seeking his approval makes you look like him: douchbaggy.

My Response:

You can either live your life trying to be what other guys want you to be, or you can live your life being awesome as you are.

Besides… girls prefer guys with six-packs and who star in hollywood blockbusters, but who gives a sh*t about what they “prefer.” What really matters is what women actually choose,which is why I do so well.

I hope you realize that when a guy is dating YOU that means he CHOSE you over some other big boobed girl. Which means you’ve got something men like! 😀


Proof that guys can tell which girls are hot without ever seeing their boobs.

Her Response:

But if men want a six pack, they can simply go to the gym! Plus women aren’t as shallow as guys. We’re not as ‘visual’ or whatever.

And sometimes guys settle, like my ex did. so I don’t think just because a guy dates you it means he’s that into you. He can just be waiting until something better comes along.


My Response:

That’s a horrible way to see yourself. Just because a guy says he prefers big boobs doesn’t mean he thinks you’re less then he deserves.

Think about how sh*tty it’d be for a guy to be super happy dating you only to discover that you think he’s settling, and that you think so poorly of yourself.

Thinking like that is going to keep you too guarded for any real man to find and love the real you.


Her Response:

The guy above you said big breasts are seen as trophies, That means smaller breasts aren’t worthy of being considered trophies or being bragged about.

With that in mind, it’s hard to think a guy is not settling for small breasts if they’re not worthy of being considered as good as big ones.


Someone Else’s Response:

“so I don’t think just because a guy dates you it means he’s that into you. He can just be waiting until something better comes along” this does happen, by the way most guys prefer big boobs but not all do. I have a friend who usually doesn’t like more than a B or C.


My Response:

I’d prefer to be able to kill assholes driving around with loud bass in their trucks, and be sleeping on a bed made of horny naked virgins, but this doesn’t mean I’m going to turn down the love of my life simply because her boobs aren’t as big as I’d hoped.

If your highest ambition is to become a “trophy wife” then you’re doomed for disappointment no matter how hot you are.

The reality of your situation is likely that you simply want to be loved and cherished exactly how you are….

I’m not you, but I can guarantee that you’ll sleep better when you base your VALUE as a woman/girlfriend/lover on how YOU see yourself, not how random men see you.

A real woman’s value comes from her self esteem and what she brings to a relationship… not her body/looks/etc.

What’s REALLY more important… what some random guys want ( who you don’t even know ) OR what YOU want?!

Don’t seek approval for being yourself.

Stop that.

Give approval to yourself and everyone else can f*** off. 😉

~ Robby


31 thoughts on “Question: Why Do Guys Like Big Boobs?

  1. Cathy says:

    Take caution.Your boyfriends moms might want you to have bigger breasts than them. I know.My former mother in law made light of my having bigger breasts than her and she told me she was glad i did.That was the best and only thing she liked about me was having large breasts.Cathy

  2. Drea says:

    Unfortunately, some guys are more superficial than others. Thankfully, there are guys out there who actually appreciate a woman for who she is rather than the superficial aspects. That’s not to say women can’t be superficial either, everyone is to some extent. But not everyone cares about it boobs or butts are abs or perfect bodies either. Personally I don’t prefer a guy with big abs, but rather a slim body. My bf had an ex with big boobs, although she was also on the chubby side but still. While I’m a bit busty I don’t have ginormous boobs like her yet my bf says I’m much sexier than his ex…. He doesn’t care about boob size he’s more of an ass man and likes that I have junk in the trunk, but again it’s just a preference, while I prefer dark haired guys, I just happen to like that. Not every guy cares about big butts, or boobs, or hips, but a preference is still just a preference that’s all it is. If a guy complains that you don’t have big enough boobs or whatever than chances are you can do better than him.

  3. Mallory says:

    I’m 14 and I have 36G boobs and I wish thy we’re smaller! They’re a pain in the butt! I have to wear like 3 sports bras to run, all the guys in my grade stare like a pervert, and it’s hard to shop for clothes that fit them! Remember the grass isn’t always greener on the other side!

  4. Kat says:

    I have big, beautiful, natural DDs – and my boyfriend is a leg man. And since I get turned on by breast play – and he ignores my breasts – it sucks to be me.

    • Robert Belland says:

      Ha! Perhaps you've grown a little too accustom to the power of your breasts and unknowingly find your man MORE attractive simply because you have to work harder for his attention? I've seen this before.

      In the end I think it's perfectly okay to explain to him that you LOVE breast play and that it would do his penis well to invest the time there? 😀

      Thanks for the comment Kat!

  5. Josh says:

    Breasts are important to men. Evolution has made us this way. I don’t think they have to be huge to be hot, though. And yours don’t have to be huge for you to be hot. There is a way to have huge boobs naturally, though. Its called induced lactation, and you can do it without having a baby or getting pregnant. It takes time and effort, and therefore dedication. You really have to want it. Do some research. Good luck

  6. Bob says:

    I would rather see an average-looking woman with large breasts than a beautiful one who is flat as a board. I'm attracted to an hour-glass figure, plain and simple. Her breasts don't have to be super large, but watching a woman walk with her breasts slightly swaying up and down is sexy, as is a bit of cleavage rather than just a flat expanse between what she calls breasts. I believe, if you really think about it, that most women who complain about other women having big breasts and saying they aren't necessary usually have small breasts (and secretly wish they were larger).

  7. Mike says:

    I don't like big breasts. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE BOOBS. But I like a nice set of B's (34B is my favorite size, but smaller is perfectly fine). I think anything bigger than that looks disproportionate and unattractive, and quite frankly larger boobs usually come with bulging veins and stretch marks. Even worse is the boob-job boobs. Boobs shouldn't look like softballs!

    However, I like women with smaller hips (large hips are a big turnoff). Not an "ass guy." I like a beautiful face, good sized boobs (nipples as well – don't like large, stretched nipples), and legs that go for miles…=D

    But it all comes down to what you prefer. I know that many guys really do just like massive breasts. My brother is one of them. He doesn't even think about a woman who is smaller than a C cup. He's all about ass and boobs. I have my tastes, and other men have theirs (if there is a body type, there is a man/woman who likes it).

    • joe says:

      You are such a worthless POS. Who cares what you like. I feel sorry for any woman who becomes involved with you. You have no real purpose since you only see women as a possession. How useless…

      • Robert Belland says:

        What's with all the hate Joe? It's perfectly okay to have superficial preferences in the women we desire. That doesn't exclude us from loving them more deeply.

        It's poor logic to think we can't love women for more than just their big beautiful brains.

  8. kat says:

    Shut up people some girls can't control if they have big boobs like me oh ya and if u just complain about what put on the internet then don't comment on things people have a right of free speech so shut your face

  9. lewis says:

    Fuck it. some of ya are so fickibg stupid. any girl regardless of the size of her tits is hot as long as her personality is right. im a redneck, somewhat of a boob expert amd while i may like to see big natural tits, if a hot girl with small tits has decided to get implants then she is no longer hot but fake an shallow thus proving shes not the right one fer me. like i said i may like “daisy duke” but i check out morethan a cpl of girls with small tatas that make me drool in moren one place lol

    anyways take ot from me. a girls bokbs size does not matter to me as long asthey are the size that they were supposed to have based on gebetics, not silicone.

  10. Brandon says:

    All this stuff about loving her for what’s on the inside, personally, chemistry, compatibility, etc. is very important of course but if you aren’t attracted to someone physically none of that matters. Personally, I’m only attracted to naturally busty women..PERIOD. i can’t help it. I really wish i could because it limits the dating pool considerably. I get really tired of having to defend my preference or having people say I’m superficial, shallow, etc. Its just how it is and there’s nothing i can do about it. They dont have to be skinny though, i actually like a woman who has meat on her bones. Women who are flat chested need not worry. There are guys out there who dont care or even prefer small breast. I’m not one of them but there are plenty more guys where i came from 😉

  11. BarelyABCupGirl says:

    I'm going to have to give it to Mr. Belland and the other grown up men. It's not the breast or the ass or the color of your hair. All those things are good for is for f*cking. It's the sexiness you carry with you on the inside, the sashay of the hips. A bright smile and a fearless attitude will draw in the man that wants to know, "what's under the hood" not under the shirt. It sucks being a small-breasted chick in our boob driven society (thanks America) but you have to realize that: A) a perfect body is just an excuse for a lack of personality B) only a dick wants a girl with a perfect body first and then the, "complete package". All you future insecure readers need to buck up and work what you have. DEVELOP A PERSONALITY AND SOME CONFIDENCE (a lesson in flirting wouldn't hurt either) and spend your time worrying about creating close relationships with friends and family, not some genetic roulette game we have no say in.

  12. jpsmut says:

    Look, unless you're supermodel hot, have a genius-level intellect, amazingly funny, charismatic and very accomplished, chances are you're not the "whole package" anyway – with or without the big boobs. So stop worrying about living up to an ideal.

    It's exactly like the height thing because:
    A) There will always be another guy shorter than you
    B) Most girls aren't satisfied with someone barely taller, they want very tall guys

  13. Richard says:

    Well I'm a guy and just to clearify those anti-big boob ladies out there… bigger boobs are much better. another thing, unless if the guy is an absolute nerd or geek then he will care only about a girls personality more than their boobs. And I'm going to have to agree with the Lorraine because fake boobs are hotterthan small boobs and if your going to tell a man that he's wrong then you ladies need some serious help on how to attract a man. P.S. Men do go for the hour glass girls more than the slim girls these days so don't be a petite girl with NO BOOBS LOLOL 😀

    • Lisa says:

      Then you must be a fake person if all you like are fake boobs..and no, moron, not ALL men who like small boob or a girls personality are gay or nerd or geek..they are REAL MEN!!! Something YOU know absolutely NOTHING ABOUT!!!! I pity the poor woman that ends up with you…but hopefully she will be just as shallow and lacking depth as you!!! You need serious help attracting a freakin REAL woman, but then again, I think you are intimidated and scared of a REAL woman, you jerk-a@@!!!

  14. lorraine says:

    Fake breasts are nowhere near a "turn-off". Porn sales rake in more than box office hits, and all those women are sporting perfect, fake breasts.

    Natural, huge breasts are saggy and amorphous.

    You are pathetic, plain, jealous, and presumptuous. It sounds to me like you're just the typical ugly girl on the pity pot.

    Go to school, dolt.

    • Lisa says:

      OH, and you are a supermodel, Lorraine?? I'm NOT a supermodel, but I'm NOT a dolt and I'm NOT ugly!!!! And, btw, moron, I HAVE seen plenty of porn movies with smaller breasted women..NOW WHO'S THE DOLT!!! Dumb ass!!!

  15. Mike says:

    I'm a leg and breast man, but like everything what is considered HOT is different for everyone TREVOR and MARC have both said that breast size is not important to them. Busts average 10" bigger than the waist. For me 6"-14" is hot anything over or under that is not.

    It could also be explained by biology i.e. women with larger breasts are considerd capable of producing more milk for children than smaller breasts

    It could also be explained socially that a males head is consistently pounded with thoughts and images of a woman should have huge breasts much like a a lot of women believe if they way over 10LBs there fat.

    However you can grow larger breasts without surgery…how you ask…beef!!! yes beef cattle have growth hormones injected which then passes onto beef products like hamburgers. Its a slow process but it works…another way is to NOT exercise. compare a athletic woman next to a lazy woman and the lazy one with have larger breasts

  16. Sasha says:

    As a note, Sofia Vergara doesn't have "big boobs" on her slender frame, she has breast implants on her slender frame. Most women who are petite or skinny do not have naturally big breasts. Some do, most don't.

    And besides, usually with larger breasts comes the perception from both men and women that the person is slutty. My best friend in high school and I were the only girls in our grade with breasts bigger than an A or small B (I have D's, she has DD's possibly DDD's). We are both very slim girls and believe me it was not that great. You never knew if a guy just wanted you for your boobs; I'd much rather have around a B cup and know that a guy will still like my boobs, but also be sure he likes my personality. As well, neither of us could wear even a tank top to school without being told to put a sweater on by the teachers (our school had a dress code), while the rest of the girls would wear the EXACT same tank top and no one would say a thing. When we complained we were told that the other girls weren't as distracting to the guys at school. What?

    I am now married but my husband would have been just fine with any sized boob. In fact, since he always liked slimmer girls, he had never been with a girl with breasts larger than an A-B cup until he met me. And you bet he liked their boobs as much or who knows, maybe more than mine! Boobs in no way make the person, and I would love to be able to wear low cut shirts without getting dirty looks from other girls, I would love to be able to sleep on my side without the boob on the bottom falling asleep, and I would love to jog without excruciating pain in my shoulders even with 2 sports bras on. But we don't choose our breast size, and we shouldn't want to change it because the grass is always greener on the other side!

  17. Trevor says:

    Dude, small boobs are awesome! I'm sorry but huge boobs and fake boobs are a major turn off for me. I'll never get why other guys as much as they do, sure sometimes they can be hot, sometimes they really showcase that girl but most of the time girls just look slutty trying to flaunt them. I think every girl should just go with what they got, life's too short to argue over stupid stuff like breast size. Every girl is beautiful in their own unique way. Things like breast size truly don't matter. This thread only proves one thing, that people are shallow, stupid, and greedy. Think about it, if things like money, and governments and social classes didn't exist then the world would actually have a shot at becoming perfect, but we as humans just screwed everything up.

    • Nate W. says:

      I agree with just about everything except for saying that girls look slutty trying to flaunt their chests. The truth is that ALL OF US are flaunting. I much prefer a woman with the confidence to show off what she’s got, big chest or small. 🙂

      But yeah, I’ll take an A cup over DD any day. It’s just too much.

  18. Marc says:

    I think some guys are into boobs and some aren't. I'm an ass and leg man. Its good if a girl has at least something, I'm fine with a B, or a A+ as long as she has a nice ass. Nice nipples don't hurt either. I do have friends that seem to be all about the tits, but you don't fuck the tits. Well I guess you can, but its not the same.

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