Question: What If She’s Ignoring Me?



Subject: Princess behavior?!

Look man, how are you supposed to “guess” how women feel when they don’t give you obvious signals and/or words that let you know HOW they feel?

Specific example: I woke up and spoke to my roomate, wanting to show her that i care about having her in my life.. I asked her how she enjoyed rock band, which i set up for her last night.. She was cleaning the dishes, and she just ignored my comment verbally but acknowledged it with a nod of the head..

Several minutes later, she’s still giving me this: “I want you to guess how to open me correctly” behavior and won’t contribute anything for me to go off of..

Your thoughts?



1) It seems like you’re seeking her approval or affection.

WRONG - Don't be this guy.

Not because you asked if she enjoyed Rock Band, but because you NEED to know if she enjoyed it. Like you’re fishing for a compliment. Almost like you set up the Rock Band with the expectation that she’ll reciprocate with appreciation.

That’s a mistake.

Unfortunately we all do this, but ultimately it’s needy.

WRONG - Don't lean into a girl who's leaning away.

The “true good guy” will do nice things because it feels nice to do nice things WITHOUT the expectation of a “thank you.” This is a huge leap for most of us, so don’t feel bad if this seems wrong at first.

Obviously you’d enjoy doing nice things for your roommate more if she was more expressive about her appreciation, but since she’s not there’s nothing you can do about it.

I’ve found that women can get into moods and the best thing to do is to leave her alone. Give her the gift of missing your attention.

2) Mirror her emotionally and physically. If she leans away, then you lean away. If she leans in then you lean in.

CORRECT - Mirror her.
CORRECT - Mirror her.

When you lean into her emotionally by asking her how she feels, her natural response will be to lean away from you emotionally.

Think about it… when you lean into her physically it’s like pushing her away. So when you lean in emotionally, by being needy, it’s going to push her away as well.

So when she leans away (by ignoring your questions) then the best thing to do is to lean away as well. This leaves a void of space between you. It leaves tension. And you can make that tension a type of attraction. Because her body doesn’t like tension and will seek to remove it by leaning back into you.

Then, when she leans into you next time, by trying to engage you in conversation, you can slightly lean back into her by re-engaging her back.

Then lean away slightly, almost as if to pull her more into you.

CORRECT - Lean back, and let her lean into you.

Ideally you want her to always be leaning into you seeking your approval and affection. 🙂

So don’t lean in. Leaning in smothering her with attention and affection. Most women hate this. You can become this heavy wet blanket that scares her away.

Being confident is about leaning away – sometimes ignoring her because you’re being distracted with other things. She’ll feel this and will either do the same, or she’ll slowly start leaning back into you.

Give her space and give your attention towards those who respond more pleasurably to your efforts. 😀

~ Robby

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