Question: What If He Thinks I’m Ugly?!



I have a fear that guys will think I’m unattractive if they see me close up.

I wouldn’t say I have low self-confidence (maybe a little) but sometimes I doubt my attractiveness and I think, what on earth does this guy see in me?!

For example, there’s this guy who I don’t really know that catches the same train as me to school everyday. And I KNOW he always stares at me all the time when I don’t look at him, and when I look at him, he quickly looks away, always. Now, we’ve never stood face to face, but I’m worried that one day, IF he approaches me and he gets fairly close to my face, he’ll think LOL JOKES YOUR FUGLY…

Is this just stupid of me because it is actually a genuine fear of mine! That people think I’m alright looking from a distance, but up close they’ll be like “naaaahhh false alarm” hahaha

What do you think? Do you think that it is possible for someone to obviously like the way you look (say, at least 5 metres away), but think you’re unattractive close up?



What others find superficially attractive about you will vary from guy to guy. Some guys like short girls, and some guys like round girls, and some guys like super thin girls. It all depends.

But something that DOES seem to be universally true is that most guys find “fun and confident” girls attractive.


Because it’s not how you LOOK that really matters, it’s how that guy FEELS when he’s with you.

But more importantly: how you see YOURSELF will influence how OTHERS see you.

Are the popular kids in school confident because they’re popular? Or are they popular because they’re confident?

How YOU FEEL will infect those that interact with you. So if you’re feeling good about yourself then everything about you will show that you feel good. You’ll smile more. You’ll crack more jokes. You’ll careless how others feel about you.

Girls who love themselves tend to be most attractive:

I am unattractive I am ugly I feel ugly How to know if you re unattractive

BUT if you feel ugly it’ll infect others as well.

You can either allow the world around you to dictate how you feel (making you a slave to the world you interact with) or you can CHOOSE your own feelings (Making the world a slave to YOU.)

What you think and believe is manifested through your eyes and face and body language. So if you’re insecure or you some how hate how you look then you’ll be communicating that with everyone you meet.

Even just NEEDING other people to like you or find you attractive is a turn off… it’ll make you seem like an emotional vampire trying to bleed people of their attention and approval.

Not that you’re doing this of course!

I’m just trying to point you in a more important direction… asking yourself what you find attractive about yourself, and then celebrating those things.



The more you love and accept yourself, the more attractive your personality will become, the healthier you’ll act and behave, and the more you’ll take care of yourself. These are all ways of becoming more attractive as a woman!

Trust me on this… there’s something powerful about a woman who loves herself, and who doesn’t need a man’s approval to feel good.


~ Robby


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