What does it mean when a girl says she isn’t looking for anything serious?

Ok I’m a tad bit confused about this. We have been on three dates and today would be a fourth. She texts me “good morning,” has laid her head on my shoulder, and was over at my place where we made out (not sex) so am I a rebound?



It either means you’re showing too much interest (too much calling/texting/emails/Facebooking/compliments) OR she’s just rationalizing her own behaviour to herself (giving herself permission to flirt without feeling responsible for what that means.)

New couples always go through a initial phase of apprehension. And old couples too I suppose.

If you’re being TOO interested TOO fast it’ll make her want to push you away. If you’re doing this then it makes sense that she’s giving your some boundaries.

And if she’s really not looking for anything serious BUT still enjoys your attention and affection she’s going to say the same thing, thereby freeing her from any self judgement for hanging out with you. Yes, it’s possible for women to want to hook up without it meaning anything.

My advice? Mirror her interest for now. Either she’ll eventually want more, or she won’t.

What do I mean by “mirror” her interest? The more interest she shows the more you can show (always show slightly less.) And when she seems disinterested, then so should you.

Overall contact her slightly less than she does, this way she won’t feel smothered by you. And it gives her the space to breath. And she’ll either miss your company, or she’ll move on.

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Sometimes you just gotta RELAX!


Basically go with the flow without becoming needy or desperate.

If you’re patient, and fun, she’ll likely relax and will eventually want MORE from you.

If she takes too long and you grow bored, then go out and meet someone new! Don’t get bent out of shape if this one girl feels like too much work, there’s plenty more who will meet you in the middle.

~ Robby