Question: What Can I Do If These Girls Hate Me?



All the girls at my school hate me and I don’t really know why but girls from other schools crush over me, why?

If the girls in my class seem to give me the cold shoulder I don’t understand why it is. I never tried hitting on any of them, I’ve only been friendly and polite as possible. Should I TRY for one in my class? Or should I just keep hitting up the other school?



When girls have an emotional reaction to you it’s a win.

Why? Because tension IS attraction.

When girls say, “I felt a type of chemistry” they’re talking about tension.

And HATE is really just a type of EMOTION. As a matter of fact, love and hate are pretty much the same thing… an illogical emotional reaction. It’s not rational.

So if girls in your school HATE you (especially if there’s no apparent reason) then they’re all having an emotional reaction to you. This is powerful and VERY useful! The opposite situation would be if they didn’t know you existed. That’s bad.

Hate Becomes Love Very Easily

Ever notice how Hollywood movies start off with the main couple hating each other, then eventually falling in love? It’s because love and hate are so closely wrapped that it’s easy to flip from one extreme to the next.

Therefore having all of the school girls hating you is a good thing.

This means they care enough about you to hate you. It likely means there’s some crazy rumor floating around that puts you in a bad light.

(By the way, the cold shoulder isn’t necessarily “hate.” If it’s just indifference then that’s bad. If they have no opinion of you then it’s much more difficult to win them over.)

Now, if you’re a jerk to women outside of your school, and it’s getting around, there’s not much hope for you. Being an asshole is something you should avoid.

But if it’s some unfounded rumor, then you’re in luck… because the first girl to realize you’re a sweet heart, will fall head over heels for you.

Ignore And Score

(Ignore and Score is explained fully in my book found here.)

The BEST thing you can do is not be bothered with what girls think of you. The only thing that matters, then it comes to attracting girls, is how they FEEL about you. And almost any feeling they have towards you is a good thing! Trust me.

It’s better to piss off a girl, because then you have some room to improve AND she knows you exist. The opposite is a woman who doesn’t care at all about your existence.

1) Don’t worry about the girls giving you the cold shoulder. Laugh it off and ignore it.

2) DO NOT spend any time trying to win the local girls over… that will make you seem desperate for approval, which automatically makes you look like a chump. Don’t do it.

Girls in school are FAR to obsessed with themselves and far too busy worrying about what you think of THEM than they are worried about what they think of you.

How do I know? Just look at how many photos they take of themselves in mirrors. girls can get obsessed with getting the approval and attention of guys like you. So don’t sweat what they think of you.

hot girls in mirrors with phones hot girls in mirrors with phones hot girls in mirrors with phones hot girls in mirrors with phones

3) It’s perfectly fine to flirt with the girls you like at your own school. They’ll either realize you’re kinda awesome, which will be a fun surprise for them, or they’ll ignore you. If they ignore you then stay playful, shrug it off, and look to meet the next girl worth your time.

It's okay to stand out, even if others don't like it.


4) It’s okay to walk to the beat of your own drum. It’s better to upset a few girls in order to stand out than it is to be silent, quiet, hidden, unnoticed, and unexpressive. So continue to express yourself, even if it ruffles a few feathers. Your passion will naturally attract girls, as it seems to be with the girls from those other schools.

Hope this helps,
~ Robby


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