Questions – Should I tell my girlfriend I kissed another girl?


We’ve been together 3 month and last night I ended up in a friends house who happened to be an ex, and we kissed, should I tell my girlfriend ?

Or should I keep it from her to avoid hurting her as she’s never going to find out. (Male – Age: 18-24)


A:Well you made a childish/selfish mistake. So don’t make another one!

Telling the girlfriend about your mistake IS NOT the answer.


Because all it does is make you feel better, and make her feel worse.

We tend to unburden ourselves on the one’s we love simply because we’re trying to unload our feelings of guilt… and in some occasions this makes relationships stronger… but not in this case.

There’s nothing that can be done now.

It was a mistake that you regret, and that you will never do again (right!?) So be a man, live with your guilt, and don’t burden her with your baggage. These are the mistakes that help lift you up from boy to man, so take special NOTE and never allow yourself to become so selfish again – especially when you’re committed to someone else.

Keep it to yourself, and move on.

Regret your actions, but then forgive yourself and move on!

Best of luck,

~ Robby


3 thoughts on “Questions – Should I tell my girlfriend I kissed another girl?

  1. SuchAFool says:

    I've been racking my brain and my heart over this one since it happened, and I just wanted to give you some due respect because this is the exact same advice my father, a wise man, gave me.

    Thanks for the help

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