Question: Number First or Date First?



Okay so I am wondering, if you would like to know someone better, or have feelings for her and want to go on a date what method would you go for first?

a) Ask her on a date, hoping for her to show up and ask for a number on the date if you think you suit her for a 2nd date?

b) Ask for her number call her the next day and then ask for a date?

c) Or just ask her for a date and if she says yes, then ask her for her number?

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1) If you’ve met a girl and the conversation is going well, and she’s showing your signs of interest (laughing, talking, touching, etc) then go straight to a meet up. Getting her number will only add another speed bump between now and the date. If you call her later you’re risking her mood being different from when you first met (she might be upset about something else and decide you’re creepy instead of awesome) so instead use the energy during your first conversation to transition right into a date setup.

2) Don’t “ask her for a date.” It’ll almost always come out as weak or lame.

3) Instead invite her to join you for food or drinks and further conversation.

This: “You know what, you’re not what I expected at all! Hey, I’m just heading to Startbucks to grab a pick me up… join me right now!”

NOT this: “You’re pretty cool. Will you go on a date with me?”

Can you FEEL the difference? I promise that she will.

~ Robby


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