Question: Is This Okay To Text A Guy After A First Date?



Ok so , is it OK to text a guy a small text the day after a date, to let him know you are interested… I just said ” Well, I am just letting you that I am interested, and placing the ball in your court”

Its my way of letting them know I am interested (because some guys assume not) without being pushy.

Does this come off as desperate?



The problem with your text is that it was boring.

Boring kills attraction.

Instead of putting all your cards on the table, and possibly boring him, all you need to do is text him almost anything.

I’m so full, how do you feel? 🙂

Any type of communication is an indicator of interest. But if this guy doesn’t instantly assume you’re interested then at least he’ll spend some time thinking about it. He might just say to himself…

“Hmm… well she’s texting me… so that’s good… .right? Hmm… shouldn’t she have texted me something more flirty? Maybe I wasn’t as awesome during dinner as I thought. Hmmmmmmmmm.”

Leaving him with hints lets him puzzle peice it together… which puts you in his head all night long. That’s a win I think.

I’m also okay with girls being direct, as long she’s being attractive about it… and not boring or needy. Being direct because you’re insecure isn’t attractive.

These are more direct but also more flirty:

“I had a fun time tonight! AND You looked super cute. 🙂 “


“Let’s do that again… and please wear that yummy cologne again!”

Flirting is more fun and it still tells him that you’re interested without being boring…

~ Robby


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One thought on “Question: Is This Okay To Text A Guy After A First Date?

  1. FleurDeLys says:

    Yeah, that is kinda dull. I would definitely prefer to send or read something along the lines of what you suggested. It brings a smile and thoughts of the night in question as well as future encounters, whereas the other is dry and prompts an "um..ok?" kind of reaction. It would likely turn me off.

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