Question: Is It Okay To Settle On A Guy For Now?



So I ?want a boyfriend.

Not super bad but it’d be nice that’s for sure. Just to have someone to cuddle with, kiss, talk to, yea.

The guy I like though I don’t think he likes me and I don’t really have any other crushes. And yea, I just can’t seem to find a great guy.

I’m 18. I just want someone now, I know I’ll marry a guy later, lada lad a lad a…

So should I go out with creeps? Or just wait for my time to come??



1) Being lonely has nothing to do with not having a boyfriend, and everything to do with wanting to connect with other humans. This is the BEST time to reconnect with friends or family. Or to grow your social network.

Party with friends and you'll never feel lonely!


2) Dating should be about crossing a bridge to a fantastic man who’s got his shit together… where you’re both happy. But I see too many girls thinking that a boyfriend is the bridge to being happy. And trust me… no man want’s to be your bridge.


When you fall in love you'll realize it was worth the wait.


So instead of dating to FEEL better, perhaps you should FEEL better before dating. Otherwise you’re going to dance into your next relationship as a needy, insecure, lonely girl… and that’ll either push a great guy away OR it’ll make you end up with a guy who’s also insecure and happy to abuse your weaknesses.

Basically you should take this time, while single, to evaluate what ever parts of your life are contributing to your unhappiness so that you can “find yourself.”

Because I promise you that hooking up with some random dude is NOT going to “fix” things.

Get happy and men will show up at your door naturally. 🙂

But that’s only my opinion…

~ Robby


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2 thoughts on “Question: Is It Okay To Settle On A Guy For Now?

  1. germanotaku says:

    "When you fall in love you'll realize it was worth the wait."

    Been single for more than 25 years but then i found my girlfriend – been > 8 months now and it's the best time of my life (uuh, dramatic!). When it's the right one – you just know it.

    And absolutely: any relationship will make you feel better, but it should be because you can share your own feelings and not just because you are with someone. "I just want her to know how i feel and that's what she wants for me, too".

    I might be not the most ideal example (not being too social, NO DATING at all, no partying) – but when love happens, it's a different feeling than having a crush. That's all i got to know by now – and love is a freaking weird (good) thing ^^

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