Question: How Do I Keep Her Interested Without Being Possessive?



How do I keep her interested without being possessive?

Me and this girl have been dating for about a month, even though I love being in contact with her and I get to see her about once a week due to heavy work schedules, we do talk everyday…however I’m scared that talking too much to her might ruin what we have and make it seem like I’m possessive or clingy… due to the fact its me who initiates most of the texts ( but not all of them)

But if I stop texting her will she think I’ve gone off her? or somethings wrong?

Thoughts please?

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If you text too often then she'll have no time to miss you.


The easiest way to not act needy is to NOT BE needy.

Your concerns are valid, but not to the degree that you’re worrying about them.

Ask yourself this, “Is this girl so unattached to me that one or two days without phone calls is enough for her to forget I exist, or enough of an insult to walk away from a great guy?”

1) The truth is that any girl who’s REALLY into you isn’t going to wander away when she doesn’t hear from you… she’s going to seek you out even harder.

If she’s flaky enough to lose interest then you should definitely let her go. Women like this are not meant to be with you.. they’re meant to be with the next shiny object they discover.

she's losing interest
If she's on the phone while standing with you, during a photo, then she's losing interest.

2) The meeting up once a week is AWESOME for your initial relationship because it helps keep her hot for your time and attention. Talking to her once a day will not overload most girls, unless she’s already not into you. So don’t worry about that. (That doesn’t mean you need to send her constant text’s all day long – that’s too much.)

3) I would definitely let her initiate contact WAY more often then she currently is. Try to make it 50 / 50. This will help you find out how interested she really is AND it’ll help her invest more effort into the relationship. The more invested she becomes the better.

If you’re doing all the work you’ll give her nothing to think about… but when you stop texting as often it invites her mind to wonder what you’re doing. This mystery keeps you on her mind, and on her redial.

~ Robby


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