Question: How’s a guy supposed to talk to girls?



Hows a guy supposed to talk to girls? How is he supposed to communicate with them? Because talking to girls is harder than it seems.


Is talking to your mom or your sisters hard? Probably not.

So perhaps it’s not the girls… perhaps it’s just you?

If you’re nervous it’s your body telling you that you’re not prepared for something.

So prepare. Practice. And have patience.

I found that the number one reason I was terrible talking to women was because I was focused on getting something from her… approval.

Guys who are awesome with women don’t care about getting approval. All they care about is if she’s cool and fun. Which automatically makes her wonder why he’s not acting weird or nervous like all the other guys, which makes her relax and feel comfortable talking to him, which then makes her think that maybe he’s kinda awesome…

The fastest way of learning how to “talk to girls” is simply learning how to be socially calibrated. This means talking to strangers as often as possible. “Hey, do you have the time?”

“Hey, where did you buy those shoes, they’re really nice.”

“Hey, how is that frozen pizza? I’ve been dying to try it.”

Being social means talking to anyone, anywhere.

Learn how to talk to anyone, man, woman, or child, and you’ll slowly learn that talking to strange people is really fun, easy, and makes THEM nervous instead of YOU.

Go to social events like Wine Tasting.

Then practice on super hot girls, without the intent of dating them, seducing them, or making them like you. This will remove your neediness when interacting with them. If you don’t care if you ever see them again you’ll act more natural, calm, and cool.

Practice talking to waitresses and clothing clerks.

Do this, every day, for the rest of your life.

Chat with people at the weekend Market.

Then one day you’ll be in line at the grocery store and you’ll ask the hot chick behind you what she thinks of all that healthy crap she’s buying, which will lead into a discussion about where vegitarians eat (it’s not mcdonalds) which might lead into you saying…
“You know what? I’ll like your vibe. Let’s meet at the crappy vegetarian deli you’ve been talking about and if the food sucks then you’re buying! If I’m wrong then it’s on me! I have to run, give me your number and I’ll call you to book a time!”

Make more female friends because they'll help you relax around all women.

It’s all about practice, no man is born good at talking with women. So make yourself good by putting in the hours of practice!

~ Robby
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6 thoughts on “Question: How’s a guy supposed to talk to girls?

  1. Albert says:

    Hay, man thanks but….. At amazon its $8.99 with the silly kindle software. At Lulu's [who have come out of website repair mode] its either 33 dollars something, but the instant download is $27.50 but they don't say under what format ??? Should I take a chance and assume PDF ??? Your website says its PDF at $27 canadian dollars plus two freebis, which come to $9 each ??? But what if I don't want the freebis and just pay $9 ? Why ? Because over 95% of pickup material is rubbish ! Forgive me for sounding sceptical but I didn't enjoy going through this little goose chase. I wonder if your book [ignore & score] is a sign of things to come !

    • Robby says:

      Ha! I'm sorry to hear about all of your confusion. I didn't realize a direct link to the ebook was going to push you down the rabbit hole, but you've made it out alive and well. The eBook is actually $27 as a downloadable pdf. The two extras that come with the download are free. The Amazon Kindle price is super cheap because I love the kindle and I want to support the format. And you're completely right… much of the online pickup materials are garbage. It's a sad state. 🙁

      But, if you're still interested, I can help you out. Why? Because I'd rather you were frustrated with women than with my book! I'll send you a copy (assuming your email is accurate) and in return perhaps you can email me your thoughts?

      Thanks for the feedback,
      ~ Robby

  2. Albert says:

    I tried to get your book but amazon only have it only in the stupid kindle format, WTF. The other website is closed ? What about PDF ??? Me think PDF via amazon sounds like a winner ?

    • Robby says:

      I get what you're saying, but here's my thoughts…

      What's going to be more useful to a dude who's never played basketball before? Learning all the tactics and routines or FIRST putting in the long hours of dribbling the ball and taking free throws?

      I think there is huge value in memorizing banter lines and routines (a template), especially to help a guy through a nervous situation (cold approaching super hot girls while shopping for example) but until he's put some good hours under his belt just learning how to communicate with people effectively and effortlessly I think he's going to be a lost cause. Little steps lead to big steps. 😉

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