Question: How Simple Is It To Get A Girlfriend?


How simple is it to get a girlfriend?

I wouldn’t know because I’ve only had one and it was in 5th grade so that doesn’t even count.

I’m 20 years old and everybody gets along with me very well. I’m really funny and I’m a pretty confident guy. I’m fat but plenty of fat dudes have gotten laid before me so what do I have to do?


I’m glad that you didn’t waste your breath cursing women or blaming society for your current situation. One of the hardest things for me to learn was this: we are each responsible for what happens to us in our lives, and what we earn for ourselves.

It’s not that you CAN’T get a girlfriend, it’s either that you’re not really trying (not escalating relationships) OR you don’t have the appropriate skills.

And yes, dating and relationships require certain social skills. Nobody is born knowing how to make women attracted to them, or how to escalate, etc.

So which is it? Are you unaware of the social skills required, or are you too afraid to apply them?

If you have plenty of friends then you already have proven social skills. You are worth knowing. That’s the easy party.

Let’s be honest… you’re not escalating.

Try this …

1) Meet more women.

Be more social.

Force yourself to make friendly conversation with all women… pretty and ugly.

This isn’t to get laid, it’s to help your body relax and get comfortable in social situations. This is KEY.

Have you tried yoga yet?

2) Lead.

When you’ve met someone you like, after she’s shown a little interest back, invite her to join you for food and drinks. Either in that very moment, or within a few days.

Something like this, “You know what? You’re not what I expected when I first started chatting with you. Hey, I’m going to grab a Starbucks just down this street right now… join me for 30 minutes… I want to chat with you some more.” If she’s busy say this, “Well, I’ll tell you what. There’s this super cute cupcake place that serves coffee and biscuits I’ve been wanting to visit again. Meet me there tomorrow after work!”

Notice I’m not saying, “Will you go on a date with me?” because that’s not as effective as, “Hey, join me!”

3) Escalate.

Move one tiny step at a time and you’ll find most women have very little resistance.

It’s only when you try to escalate really fast that you’ll find women get weirded out. Learn all of the specific steps of sexual escalation in my video course.

The easiest way to kiss a girl is to kiss a girl.

Remember: It’s not about making girls like you.

Assume that you’re an awesome dude that women will naturally like (cause you’re a friendly guy right?) This way your body will communicate that you’re selective and “higher status” because the moment you try to make her like you is the same moment you start acting needy and unattractive.

Hope this helps!

~ Robby

One thought on “Question: How Simple Is It To Get A Girlfriend?

  1. JBarros says:

    Thanks. Good tips 🙂

    Yeah, one of the main things is going out to public places, it doesn't exactly mean you need to go to discos and bars. Although, both are great places to meet new people.

    You can always take cooking classes, salsa, go to the gym, nearly any place where you can interact with others.

    Also, when you go in, you need to try to be social, just start simply by saying "Hey, how are you?" to anyone. For example if you are in a bar it could be the bartender or waitress; in the gym to your coach. Those are always people, who will be nice and it will definitely help you build the momentum.

    If you feel that youtr weight is an issue, then you should make an effort of following a diet plan.

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