Q: Does finding love again really take too long?

I’m in college and just got over a break up and now am out as a young single man.

I talk to girls and they flirt back, I even have hooked up with a few on the way, but either none of them I really never had a good connection with or none of them really wanted to take that next step into a relationship.

I like being around girls and I love hanging out with them but idk, I kinda want to meet that one special someone and I feel I might be rushing it.

Is it really my fault for wanting to find the one so soon?

A: Yes.

You just might be like a starving man in the dessert.

Hungry for food – hungry for love, attention, affection.

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Are you hungry for attention, affection or love?

Instead you need to realize that you have all the kitchen space at home to feed yourself until you burst! Find a way to give YOURSELF all the attention, affection and love you think you need from a relationship.

Only then will you have abundance.

Only then will you see that you don’t need a relationship to feel completely happy and fulfilled. Only then will you be the truly happy man women crave and desire.

Otherwise you’ll always come across as the needy guy she wants to avoid.

And while you’re figuring this out for yourself you should focus on your career, your passions, and your life direction.

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Learn how to 'feed' yourself and you'll always look and feel loved!

Master yourself so that you can BRING something to a relationship instead of trying to TAKE something from a relationship.

I hope this makes sense!

Best of luck dude,
~ Robby

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