How can I tell if she likes me?

I hate getting rejected from girls. I don’t want to ask her if she likes me, and I don’t want to tell her I like her. I want to know if she likes me first. She stares at me a lot. If our eyes meet they hold there for a minute then we both look away, and she laughs at all my jokes. She is a rich popular preppy chick, and I’m a poor, loner, rapper guy. I was thinking of sending her a Christmas e-card or something like that, that says, Christmas is coming up soon, and I want you to be the best present I get, and I want to be the best present you get. Be Mine? but I’m not sure if I should.



You seem like a decent dude, so is there any reason you would NEED her to like you?

Does she NEED to like you? Do you really NEED her permission before you can like her?

What I’m getting at is that:

1) She doesn’t need to like you before it’s okay for you to like her.

Let’s just get that out of the way first.

If you’re a decent dude with good intentions then you can feel attraction towards any woman you want. It’s nobody’s business who you like or dislike, and it shouldn’t depend upon her liking you first.

Why? Because you’re a man. Not a child asking for permission. You’re a MAN. It’s in your blood to like girls. Accept it and GO with it!

2) What are your motives for sending the eCard?

Are you hoping it’ll break the ice and give her permission to engage you more? Because there are much more effective ways of engaging a girl without first asking for her permission…

Are you unconsciously thinking that if you give her something (the tiny gift) that she’ll have to reciprocate (respond with attention)?

Think about this… because your intentions will affect and infect her feelings about you. If your intent is to manipulate her (your gift for her attention) then she’ll push you away. But if your intentions is good natured and come from your desire to engage her further she’ll FEEL that too.

Just something to think about.

3) Ultimately it doesn’t matter if she likes you.

Why? Because she doesn’t even know you yet. Her opinion won’t be accurate until she get’s to REALLY know you.

Besides, attraction isn’t about logic… it doesn’t even matter what she THINKS about you.

All that matters is how she FEELS.

Help her to feel curious, or surprised, or nervous, or happy and you’ll see how fast she responds to you. Find a way to help her associate you with fun, mystery, challenge, or excitement, and you’ll be in the right direction.

Being “cute” doesn’t have enough impact. Being fun, unpredictable, and charming will help the most!

4) I suspect the eCard would be more effective if it was playful instead of cute.

If you engaged her more in conversation during the day, that would help to create some history between the two of you, and would open you up to creating inside jokes. Maybe the two of you were chatting and a super flamboyant gay guy walked by to which you could say, “Weird, I don’t know why my dad didn’t stop and say hi.”

Or maybe she teased you about your small hands to which you teased her about her HUGE purse.

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Then you could send her an eCard that reflected back to that joke, which no one else would understand but her … like an eCard with an enormous Saddle purse that you think she might like for Christmas, or Photoshop photo of your hands super enlarged.

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My main point is that she DOESN’T need to like you before you walk up to her and start chatting. You need to delete any mindsets you have that dictate that it’s unsafe to talk to girls you don’t know and create a NEW mindset that says, “this chick is super cute, I wonder is she’s fun to hang out with… I should go and meet her and find out.”

Women understand that casual conversation isn’t ALL or NOTHING. Sometimes it’s just a tiny step in getting to know someone, which mean’s that you can walk away without any investment and without any fear of rejection.

I’d love to hear how this turns out…

~ Robby


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