Question: How Can I Get Guys To Like Me?



I’m a 17 year old girl and I can’t stand my body. I’m 5’1 and about a size 0. but I hate it. I have no assets. I’m flat. (32A), have a flat stomach, no hips,weird fat butt, big thighs, and short legs. I wish I was slim with an hour glass figure and long legs, but instead I look like a boy. I’ve tired gaining weight and it doesn’t work for me.

I’ve only been with one guy and he said he liked my body but I don’t believe him. He said he liked smaller boobs, but he dumped me a few days after he went up my shirt. He told me that he didn’t want a girlfriend at the moment. I’ve been told I have nice butt, but it’s just flabby. I can’t tone it no matter what. I work out, but my legs get the definition, not my butt.

I want to like my body but it’s so hard. I feel like no guys will ever like me because of my body. Please help me.



The less you like your own skin, the less everyone else will too.

It’s pretty natural for guys to avoid girls who have low self esteem. Mostly because these types of girls can become high maintenance… always needing assurance and compliments. I’m not saying this is you, but you need to pay attention to the type of vibe you’re giving off.

I think you’re smart for focusing your energy on improving your self image!

You’re already on the right track. Don’t make the mistake that many young women make – changing how they look to get the approval of boys.

Instead change how you FEEL, not how you look.

How you feel comes from a healthy diet, exercise, and inner dialogue.

This is important because how you FEEL about yourself influences how everyone else feels about you too. Women who LOVE their own skin, no matter how they look, are ALWAYS more sexy and fun to be around. It’s takes the burden off us guys when a girl is already super comfortable with herself.

Diet and exercise is easy. That’s something you likely already know something about. If your body FEELs good, then your mind will follow.

It’s your inner dialogue that you need to address.

Somewhere along the line you’ve decided that you’re not good enough. And if you’re not willing to truly love yourself, why should anyone else?

The best place to get advice for this type if inner-talk is from an older mature woman who’s full of life and confidence and who’s willing to mentor you by answering your questions and giving you advice. Sometimes that’s mom, sometimes that’s a super awesome teacher, sometimes that’s an aunt, etc. Find a woman who’s been there and done that. She’ll open your eyes up.

On a side-note: Me and ALL my guy friends prefer tiny women. I only date women shorter than 5’2″. I’m serious. The small women are so cute, sweet, and easy to spin in the air. So trust me when I say that your tiny size is a total asset. Do you know how many girls your age hate themselves because they’re too big?

Pretend you had a super-cute younger sister. How would you talk and support your younger sister if she had the same insecurities that you have?

I bet you’d be supportive, encouraging, and loving.

Love Yourself Like You Would Your Little Sister

That’s exactly how YOU need to talk to your inner self.

Pay attention to the negative things you tell yourself, write them down, then ask yourself if you would ever say those things to your cute little sister (let’s make her 6 years old.) Would you tell her that her boobs are too small? Or that she’s too short for guys to like her?

If what you’re thinking isn’t nice to say to her, then why would it be okay to say to yourself?

Start with treating yourself better. Find reasons to love who you are, and ignore EVERYTHING else. Because the only person who’s opinion matters, in this world or the next, is YOURS! Everyone else is busy being responsible for themselves, and so should you.

Breast of luck shorty!

~ Robby


The Top Thumb is thanks to Blake!

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