Question: He Thinks He’s Not Good Enough For Me?



“I’m not good enough for you?”

Imagine hearing this sentence while dating someone for a long time…

I kinda feel rejected..It sounds like a “It’s not you, it’s me” sentence while breaking up… doesn’t it?

So is he not into me? Should I move on? Or should I show him that he is good enough for me?



I’m uncertain from your explanation whether he actually broke up with you, or if he was just whining like a child. Either case here are my thoughts…

Sometimes he's just not good enough for you.

From my experience it sounds like he’s doing 1 of two things:

1) He’s fishing for approval… secretly he’s hoping you’ll say “That’s not true, no, no, you’re awesome and amazing! Please love me!”

He’s insecure and is seeking your approval. Don’t react with approval because this only further weakens him, and ultimately will weaken your attraction (respect) for him.

It’s unfortunate that he’s weak and lame like this, but his baggage is NOT your responsibility. He needs to grow up a little, and possibly find a healthy way to heal his insecurities.

2) He’s lying because he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. Perhaps he’s found someone else. Perhaps there’s something that’s not clicking between the two of you… who knows. Either way he’s just not into you.

Either way this is a pathetic way to get out of a

I wish you well on your journey to find someone new worth getting to know,
~ Robby


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