This guy I’m seeing seems to compliment me all the time. That’s nice. But even my friends don’t do that, so I’m immediately a bit wary of the intentions.

I don’t know him very well, so partly out of curiosity I want to see if he’s like this in general, or if he’s thinking that by constantly telling me how awesome I am (which, honestly, no one is THAT awesome) he’s trying to “get” me.

In your experience, what’s the deal with this?

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Putting her on a pedestal will not make her more attracted to you.


Men tend to over compliment out of insecurity and immaturity.

We guys think compliments are like the atom bombs of power and attraction. It’s our “go to” pickup technique because we think you’ll be so flattered that you’ll see us being “awesome and attractive.”

But obviously this isn’t the case.

Instead we come across as needy, insincere, desperate, and uncalibrated.

There’s a weakness inside men who try to place women on pedestals that f***s up their chances with good women like you. These guys think, without realizing it, that they can trade their approval for your approval.

“If I tell her how much I like her, she’ll feel safe and secure and will automatically like me more!”

How messed up is that?


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You’ll have more success spanking her and teasing her than you will drowning her in compliments.

As you already know, putting a woman up on a pedestal does NOT make her find the guy more attractive… how can she value him when she’s way up there? All a girl can do is look down on a guys like this.

Someone needs to tell this guy that your affection and approval can’t be bought with superficial compliments and attention.

Better luck with the next guy?

~ Robby