Question: Can I Stop Scaring Guys Away?



I’ve been in and out of relationships like crazy!

It feels like every time I even try getting close to a guy they shove me even further away.

I mean it’s obvious that I’m not the prettiest girl in the world but I have good qualities too! And it hurts me to know that all I’ll ever be is ONE OF THE GUYS…I just want to be seen as the girl someone is interested in for once.

Do other girls have this problem? Is there a solution to this problem?



I don’t know you so it’s impossible to KNOW what’s happening when you meet these guys, but I can take an educated guess.

Is it possible that you’re being desperate or needy?

I ask because that’s a typical reason guys push girls away…I’ll tell you why:Guys LIKE having girlfriends…

We love it!

We like connecting and sharing and being loved.

We like being pampered and cared for… and we like the intimacy and certainty that brings. I’d rather come home to a hug and kiss than chase some random ass that ignores me at the bar.

But what we don’t like is a girl who’s needy or desperate.

When a girl acts needy she becomes a burden.

She requires endless approval and reassurance and this is tiresome and gross.

The BEST type of girl is independent and strong and happy and emotionally healthy… notice I didn’t mention any superficial aspects like tits and ass?

The best women bring good energy and fun and love to a relationship. They are FUN to be around.

A needy or insecure girl is the opposite of fun. She is an energy drain. She calls too often, asks the same questions over and over again, lacks trust, and is an emotional vampire… it’s exhausting.

Try to realize that men are attracted to ENERGY, not just superficial looks and appearance.

Assuming your hygiene is good I’d recommend focusing on YOU.

If you’re lonely, reconnect with family and close friends.

If you’re insecure talk to an older female mentor and get solid inner game advice.

Learn how to LOVE yourself so fully that you don’t seek attention and approval from anyone except yourself.

That way, when you’re finally whole and happy, you express the “right” type of attractive and fun energy that guys LOVE to be around.

A girl’s pretty smile will draw a man’s attention, but it’s her PERSONALITY that keeps him. Being a fun gal will drawn men in, and if you’re a solid healthy girl they’ll want to stick around. There’s nothing as sexy as a confident fun woman.

If you’re seeking a relationship to feel full or fulfilled then you’re doing it wrong. Relationships aren’t for TAKING, they’re for giving.

So once you’re compete and happy and ready to share and givethen you’ll find it EASY to catch and keep a guy… at least in my opinion.

Take the time, you’re worth it!

~ Robby

3 thoughts on “Question: Can I Stop Scaring Guys Away?

  1. Kingkang says:

    I totally agree. As I always say, an average-looking girl with a great personality has MUCH better changes than a "HOT" girl with a nasty personality.

    Great book Rob! I wish'd I bought the cheaper version of the book but whatever. Great resource and great website!

    • robertbelland says:

      Hey, thanks dude! If you were one of my original book buyer's (bought via the blog I guess?) then email me your original email receipt and I'll include you in my list… I'll send you my next book for free. 🙂

  2. Lisa says:

    I'll bet this poor woman has small breasts…you freakin 'men are so damn CRUEL to us small-=breasted women!!! What about you men?? YOU AREN'T PERFECt in ANY WAY, SHAPE or FORM..not even YOU!!!!

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