Question: Can An Average Guy Attract A Hottie?


Is it possible for a guy (I’m about 6’1, 205lbs, muscular but not huge, average face) to attract a hottie who is just drop dead gorgeous. Does it happen a lot? Thanks in advance. 


The first thing I noticed is that you described your surface features (your appearance) and her appearance, as if that’s all that matters.That’s like selling a car that has no scratches and shines real pretty, but you neglected to mention the busted brakes and constant oil leaks.

Think of it like this… you have value and she has value. If your value equals her value then you shouldn’t have any trouble building attraction and rapport.

What you don’t seem to realize is that your value isn’t JUST tied to your appearance… in the hearts of women most of your value is determined by how she FEELS when she’s with you… NOT just how you look.

If she feels safe, excited, happy, curious, tense, comfortable, sexy, and sometimes challenged, then you will do well with her.

But if she feels bored, unsafe, annoyed, disgusted, ugly, or feels nothing at all… then you’re in trouble.

Avrage guy attract a hottiee
If you’re a douche then you’ll attract a douche girlfriend…

It basically comes down to your personality and your ability to infect her with emotions. Are you social, fun and calibrated? Are you full of life and happy to give a good vibe to everyone you meet? Or are you withdrawn, creepy, desperate, insecure, and needy for approval?

Desperate guys drain women of energy so women avoid them.

Happy and self assured guys GIVE instead of take, which is more attractive to women.

It comes down to your inner game and your ability to value yourself.

~ Robby

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