Question: Are Full Curves On A Woman Really Considered Unattractive?


Are full curves on a woman really considered unattractive?

Okay. So, I’m really sick of all this…. I am a curvy woman. I have hips, thighs, a butt, and I chest.

I don’t think I’m fat or anything at all nor do I think I’m thin. I look like a woman.

To me, girls that are skinny or who have no “meat” is unattractive. But I see guys alllll the time passing up curvy women for the stick across the room. Ridiculous. Myself, being a prime example. and just because I have a little weight to me doesn’t mean I don’t care of myself. That’s bullshit. I get my hair & nails done professionally, I wear nice clothes that fit right, I shower at least once a day, I eat pretty well, I use the stairs haha.

So I don’t want to hear the “well if she looks like that, she probably doesn’t take care of herself” crap.

Is a thin girls’ body better than mine because I don’t starve myself, or spend hours and hours at the gym?

I’m just so confused, I really don’t understand. Guys, tell me what you find more attractive and why…



Trust me, there’s NOTHING wrong with you or your body, and you seem to know that already. And, I can relate to your frustration.

BUT many guys, me included, are more attracted to the thinner girls automatically. This is a completely superficial reaction.

beautiful thin woman
Some attraction IS skin deep, and that's natural.

It’s not wrong.

It’s not a judgment on you.

BUT attraction is MORE than just superficial appearances.

If you’re smart, and you put in the effort, you can easily outshine any thin woman with your social charisma, personality, and sexy confidence.

Kim Kardashian is round and curvy and men LOVE her!
Kim Kardashian bikini butt
She's showing off some ass.

Ask yourself this… are you sulking and giving off negative body language because you’re expecting rejection? You might not know you’re doing it. OR are you giving inviting body language that makes guys want to approach you?

ATTRACTION is more than just how you look, it’s how you make a man FEEL when he’s around you.

By flirting she appears approachable and fun.

We guys are superficial, but only at first… and only because we don’t know you yet. If we see you across the room then all we can see is the surface. I suggest you invite the guys you find cute to get to know you better… and I bet you’ll find that many thin women don’t have what it takes to keep a guy.

~ Robby


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7 thoughts on “Question: Are Full Curves On A Woman Really Considered Unattractive?

  1. Geordi says:

    As a dude I find curvy women a lot more attractive than thin women. Curves are what I find sexy and they make a woman look feminine. I find the lack of curves to be a turn off in some cases, and I don't understand any men preferring boy hips. Though ofcourse it's personality that matters a lot too (if the man is interested in a relationship at all that is), and a cute face is important as well for attractiveness of a person.

  2. dantheman says:

    You walk into a bar, you see two guys. One is average, nice smile, a little bit of a pouch on his tummy, average height and normal arms, average waist to shoulder ratio cuz the fat on his sides, he is well groomed, nice clothes, showers and cute his hair at a mice salon. The other? Great shoulders, arms are toned ( he must work out!), flat stomach, and nice butt, clean shaven, good outfit, and styled hair. Which one, honesty would any girl ( or gay man) look at first and give the first chance to? It’s human nature to want attractivness in your partner, some guys like thin, some like tall, some want a girl with a 4.2 gpa! It’s all individual, but first glance at the waterhole? The prettier, thinner, more in with social normative beauty is gonna win. Now, how the actual gettin to know the girl goes? That is where the individual chemistry comes in, so let the competition go, start smiling and wait for that click that we all go to the bar to find to happen!

    • Robert Belland says:

      Women are don’t fall in love, or ONLY date the first guy that catches their eyes. That’s the superficial understanding that most guys get caught up in.

      Of course women will be FIRST drawn to the better looking, well dressed guy. Every time.

      Just like all men will first notice Miss Big Tits, or Miss Short Skirt.

      But looking cute doesn’t get men married.

      Influencing how a woman FEELS is how you get the girl. Talking to her and expressing your personality is the only way you’re going to win her or lose her.

  3. Kevin says:

    The attraction is more than just superficial appearances. I prefer the curvy girls because are more sexys for me. A natural girl is really beauty. Women, be yourselves!

  4. cal says:

    Any guy who says they dont like curves is obviously gay and in denial lol wtf who prefers a girl with the body of a ten year old boy over some tits and ass come on now atleast not me or any guy i know. keep it real girls we all love tht ass!!!

  5. BigPapi says:

    There is a large segment of the male population that is being programed to think that skinny is more attractive. Think of all the rail-thin girls paraded up and down the runways and held up as "ideal women". Insanely stupid, I think. A woman with curves, meat on her bones, is ultimately more attractive than some girl that looks like she hasn't eaten in a month.

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