About Ego, Being Shy, And The Inner Judge

Learning To Think

The ego is like a close friend with a split personality… they can be selfish and righteous and hurtful, or they can be empathic to others, caring and loving.

The usefulness of your ego depends on what you choose to listen to, and what you choose to ignore, in respect to your inner dialogue.

QUESTION: She loves me and another guy, what should I do?


Okay so back in late Sept. we started dating after talking for about a month or so. She said her and her boyfriend have had issues (back before we started dating) and they weren’t doing so well, so I jokingly (not jokingly) said I’d date her (I found her really attractive from the get go) and she said okay. A few days later she said she broke up with him and a short time after that we started dating. We told each other we loved each other and hung out a bit and everything was good.

QUESTION: Being insecure and what are the drawbacks?


What are the drawbacks to being insecure?

I’ve been with my girlfriend for a few months now. I like her and I know she likes me. We have the same interests and met on a video game we both enjoy.

She is just very shy and not open with her emotions.. and it really makes me insecure because we never have those cute phone calls or moments other couples do. And it annoys her when I ask if she likes me or question our relationship, she says I am testing her feelings for me.

Mailbag Question: How Do I Know If I Love Her?

I received this email, which I respond to while reading it… this guy sent me a question about his relationship and his feelings… please see my reply to him below:

(Robby) Hey Jonathan! Please see my comments below. 🙂

QUESTION: How Do I Boost My Confidence?


How Do I Boost My Confidence? I’ve been finding myself too anxious and nervous with regards to how I can approach the girl I used to be friends with. I talked to a few friends of hers and they all said I should try and reinstate the friendship, even though she said to leave her alone. What should/can I do to get her back as a friend? (Keep in mind I don’t like her but no one believes me when I say it. How can I communicate that as well?)

QUESTION: I’m hopelessly lost in break up depression?


Male Age: 15

Umm.. Hi. So. I’m Shane. I’m from Ireland. Good to met ya’.

I met a girl in March on G. Amy. From the Netherlands. Beautiful sweet and kind etc… we dated for months. She cheated. I forgave her.

5 Little-Known Reasons Why Breakups Cause Such Intense Pain

Today’s Guest Guru post is from John Alex Clark from RelationshipPsychology.com 

Most people make the mistake, after a breakup, of thinking that their pain is due to one single thing – “love” for their ex. Not many people realize that after a breakup we actually feel depressed because of the combined effects of a number of different reasons. And the ironic thing is that most of these reasons are completely unrelated to love at all.

In this article, I’m going to show you five causes that contribute to breakup pain …but each of which has nothing to do with love.

Why Cheat Instead Of Leaving?


Is it normal for a girl to cheat if she’s unhappy instead of just leaving?

Basically my ex had sex with some guy when she saw me talking with another girl. A friend of mine told me about it a week later so when I asked her about it her excuse was that I was having sex with the other girl so she had sex with another guy.

How Do I Get The Courage Needed To Get A Girl’s Number?


How do I get the courage needed to get a girl’s number or to even ask out a girl?

There seems to be so many attractive girls in this world but the problem is with me. I do not have sufficient courage to approach a girl easily at the age of 22, and to ask her out.

I’ve been single my whole life for this simple reason, I want to change but do not know how to do so.


Question: How do I tell if she’s really flirting because she likes me?


How do I tell if a flirtatious girl is REALLY flirting?

I’m an freshman in high school and there is this girl who seems to be “friendly” to every dude. If a shy girl was acting like this you would know they like you.

But it’s hard to tell. Today she was talking to me and playfully “flirting”. I’m trying to determine if she truly likes me. I felt a true flirt vibe that could have just been in my imagination.

Also do you have any tips on what to do next?

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