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Meet Women To Know Women

I’ve argued that ?you can ultimately understand everything there is to know about sexual selection and the dynamics of attraction from a book. But there’s a huge difference between UNDERSTANDING something logically and DOING it.

You can UNDERSTAND women but if you’re not interacting with them physically and socially then you’ll never really KNOW women.

You don’t need to memorize every line you’ve ever read and you don’t need to marry the first women you meet. But you DO need to get out there and talk to her.

If you’re shy, insecure, or just plain horrified, that’s okay. It’s natural. It’s all apart of the dance we call dating. But excuses won’t suck your d***. And excuses won’t fall in love with you. Excuses won’t bare your children.

So it’s okay to have excuses, but it’s not okay to sit at home “hoping she’ll just show up.”


Women Can Be Scary

If you’re too shy, or too scared, or too horrified, then do this: just make friends.

Shhhhhhh… this is a secret.

This goes against everything I’ve ever said, but it’s an important step if you find women TOO SCARY TO APPROACH.

Make it your mission to make friends with women.

Me with friends over the years.

You’re not trying to seduce them, sleep with them, or impress them.

All you’re doing is trying to make friends.

And being friendly and nice is really the easiest thing in the world!

And guess what?

Having women friends is a HUGE advantage over other men.


Because they will teach things that you’d never learn on your own.

They’ll help you get comforatable being around women. They’ll help you understand their pshycology. They’ll help your body grow a deep appreciation and comfort around women. And quite simply that translates into other dating skills, like conversations, story telling, flirting, touching, etc.

So go to work, school, the gym, the book store, etc and START making as many amazing female friends as your calander can hold!

If it worked for me it’ll work for you.

And guess what?

Female friends always have other female friends. And suddenly they’re trying to hook you up with their friends, etc, etc.

Now get out there and DO IT!!!!

~ Robby


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