Don’t Complain.

If you’re a dude who complains that women have it so easy in the dating game, it’s time to shut your f*** hole (that’s your mouth.) Time to put on your Big Girl Pants and toughen up.

When you approach a girl the worst thing that could happen is she doesn’t like you. Perhaps your ego will feel bruised, but that’s actually a good thing… your ego is useless. USELESS. Bruise it, beat it, and defeat it!

When a guy approaches a girl the worst thing that could happen is she ends up raped and murdered.

Doesn’t seem comparable.

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the inner fears, insecurities, and real dangers that women grow up with. It can be a judgmental and dangerous world for them.

Respect that and behave accordingly.

~ Robby

P.S. Here’s some clues as to the inner conflicts women struggle with.
Statistics. Clue 1. Clue 2. Clue 3. Clue 4.

P.P.S. Don’t get me wrong… I love women and if I magically became a woman I’d be super happy. Mostly because I’d be a super hot lesbian and because I’d spend most of my day at home in the tub playing with myself.