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Your Mindsets Are Everything.

There seems to be two distict types of guys (with a gradient in between) who either think, “I hope I have a chance with her” or they think “I wonder if I should choose this girl…”

It’s the difference between chasing girls and being chased.

And guess what? Girls are far more attracted to men they chase over men who chase them.

Just realize this: what you THINK influences everything about how people perceive you, especially the beautiful women you’re eager to meat (that’s not a misspell.)



Consider this: women are very wary of the strange men who line up to meet them so they’ve unconsoiusly developed strong empathic abilities…. abilities to determine a man’s intent before he even opens his mouth. Women can see you coming a mile away, and like Sherlock Homes they can determine what your intent is based entirely on your demenour, saunter, stance, stagger, walk, and swagger.

Your bodylangauge tells her everything.

If you need advice on how to walk, talk and move just watch Ocean’s Eleven and pay attention to George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Every movement they express is calm and cool. There is nothing awkward about how they move. Copy them.

She knows if you’re nervous, arrogant, cocky, happy, sad, mad, or even dangerous or harmless.

This is because your body language displays your inner beleifs about yourself. Every move and gesture you make says something about you. And she knows this.

Read this to learn more:


Negative Mindsets

And the fastest way to determine how you see yourself is to pay attention to what you SAY to yourself.

Pay attention to kinds of thoughts you have about yourself, especially in relation to women.

Here are a list of common NEGATIVE mindsets many men have, that you should AVOID!

1) “I hope she thinks I’m good looking.”

2) “I wonder why type of guy she likes.”

3) “I wonder if I have any chance at all with this girl.”

4) “I hope I get lucky tonight!”

See how obvious AWKWARD people are?

Here are some of the negative types of questions men ask women:

Example 1, Example 2, Example 3, Example 4, Example 5


Positive Mindsets

If your goal is to meet and attract more women into your life then you need to get this part of yourself handled! Either you’re a man of integrety and VALUE (positive mindsets – high self esteem) or you’re a guy who thinks all women have more value (poor mindsets – low self esteem.)

It’s about time you start putting yourself first and realizing your own value!

To get you started down a new and more powerful path I want to suggest the following mindsets….

1) “I feel as good as I look! I hope she’s looking good tonight, I love how cute she’s is.”

2) “I’ve been working hard on myself for years and I’m proud of who I’ve become. Now I’m looking for a girl who can fit within the awesome path I’m on.”

3) “The last thing I want to do is mislead her or waste my time chasing a girl who’s not really interested. So I hope she gains my interest, otherwise I’ll keep looking. Either way I’ll make the most of tonight with her.”

4) “If she plays her cards right tonight she just might get lucky!”

Can you feel the difference between the first mindsets and these new ones?

George is the definition of cool and confident.

Your purpose should be to lift yourself up and to see yourself as equal to the hottest girl you’re ever going to meet. As soon as you think some random stranger had more value than you, especially based only on her appearance, you’ve lost all hope of attracting her. She will feel your desperate need pulling on her.

But, if you’ve worked on yourself, you make every new woman you meet EARN the value you give her, then she’ll feel that as well and she’ll unknowingly want to work for your approval.



Don’t confuse cocky and arrogant with confident and assured. Being cocky is about puffing up your chest as fake display of power and value. Cocky guys will strut around pretending to be cool and awesome. But it’s these types of guys women can see a mile away… anyone can. Being fake is being fake.

Arrogant cocky guys will try to push everyone else down, and will feel the desperate need to prove how awesome they are. That’s why they get in bar fights and that’s why they seem to treat women poorly. It’s an imature need to dominate others in order to feel validated and safe.

The Trainwreck

But confidence is different. A confident guy doesn’t have a problem with other guys also being confident. He doesn’t need to challenge and dominate others in order to feel secure and safe. Being aware of your own value based on your past expereinces and beliefs is enough. While cocky guys needs to belittle others, confidence guys will give praise where it’s due.

Don’t try to be cocky, just relax and be confident.



Guys who “get it” CHOOSE the women they spend time with… guys who “don’t get it” can only hope on CHANCE.

Women WANT to earn their ways into your heart. There’s value in that.

They will NOT value being placed upon a pedistal while being idolized. There is no value in that.

So STOP chasing girls and start CHOOSING who you wish to be with.

~ Robby


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  1. germanotaku says:

    Can't stress this topic enough, eh? =)

    Well it's true thuogh and it's really something every guy should put in his mind. I started to sometime last year once met you first, robby, and by now i think i've got a pretty positive mindset.

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