Double Your Online Dating


Let’s get right into it… dating online is superficial.

Before she she will want to connect with you in “real life,” or even via web cam, she has to like what she sees.

She can’t hear you, or smell you, or pickup on the nuances of your personality until she get’s to spend some time with you face to face, cheek to cheek.

She can’t even taste you… yet.

The reality is that your dating profile is all she get’s to see so let’s make the most it.


Profile Photo

Nothing is as important as your profile photo. She will NOT  read your profile if you look unattractive in your profile photos.

But the benefit to dating online is that you can take as much time as you wish perfecting those photos… I recommend having three photos, no more than five.

Have one head shot, one full body, and one with friends. The head shot allows her to see your full beauty. The full body allows her to see what your body looks like, and the one with friends tricks her into thinking you have friends.

This article is all about your money shot… your face.


How To Pose

Here’s two major tips on making yourself look amazing:


Use A Professional

Listen… as nice as your iPhone camera is, it’ll never give you the beautiful lights and darks, and depths as a Pro Camera with a Pro Lens.

Just hire a pro, it’s worth it.



Use A Soft Flash

If you’re doing this with a friend suggest using a bounce flash, or a diffused flash, as opposed to a harsh direct flash. Using a direct flash will make you look older and will give you hard edges. A soft flash will make you look more.. handsome.

Learn more here.



Create Depth Of Field

You can’t get a decent depth of field in a photo with a pocket camera, you need a nice camera with a nice lens. This is what using a pro is good for. But if you’re still set on using your buddy Frank and his DSLR then be sure to create as much depth of field as possible. Learn how here.



Fill The Frame

Often dating sites will shrink your photos into thumbnails, which will shrink your beautiful face… so make sure your face fill the screen.



Fitness Translates To The Camera

Obviously there is only so much a camera can do for how you look. The best way to improve your appearance is to be physically healthy, lean, and happy. Those who care for themselves tend to be more attractive.

21 People On How Life Has Changed Since They Went From Ugly To Hot
21 People On How Life Has Changed Since They Went From Ugly To Hot


Self Worth Takes Work

When you work on your confidence it builds confidence. When you work on your muscles, it builds muscles.

For some reason there are plenty of men out there who don’t realize that you can BUILD your self esteem through purpose driven work. Confident men don’t accidentally become confident, they work at it. All the time.

Here are a few resources I like that might help you, should you want to refresh your confident muscles.

Deep Inner Game, On Being A Man, Become Mr. Right, Man Transformation,,



Here are some famous portraits by Martin Schoeller to inspire you.

Click To See More
Click To See More


Breast of luck!

~ Robby


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