Change Your Mindset From Seller To Buyer


I LOVE Joe Rogan’s podcast. It’s funny. And it’s informative (especially around drug use, aliens, and the comedy scene) although I do take everything he says with a pinch of salt.

Recently I heard him talking to a guest comedian about stage freight and the bad habit of being defensive after too much rejection. They made a comparison between new comedians who are nervous about rejection and angry dudes who are trying to approach women. His guest, Neal Brennan, made a great comment about changing his mindset from being a SELLER (“hey, do you like me”) to being a BUYER (“Hey, what do you have to offer?”). This is something most pickup artists have picked up on and I thought you might find insightful.

The basic point is this… don’t let past rejection make you the angry asshole who immediately get’s angry at any woman who doesn’t want to give you her number because she’s simply responding to your guarded and jaded body language. Instead of approaching women like you’re trying to convince her to “buy” something, have fun and approach her with a curiosity to learn more about her… which will help influence her to feel like she needs to prove herself to you… or in the very least it will help her to relax and enjoy the interaction.

Rogan points this out at 4:20 in the video … he recognizes that women can smell the difference between a guy who’s defensive and angry and a guy who’s happy and looking for a fun interaction.

“That feeling you need to overwhelm them and control or whip them is basically the same feeling that unattractive men have towards women when they’re unsuccessful… you know that anger that men have towards women?”
~ Joe Rogan


Check out the entire broadcast on USTREAM?here at 1:43:00.


~ Robby


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