Understanding Women

Campus Hookups And Casual Sex Culture – A Study

I’m really not surprised to find out that there’s more and more “bad” sex happening during today’s hookups.

Why? Watch this video and learn something…

Question: If She’s Into Me What Do I Do Next?

“Hey, Robby. A few weeks ago I went to a movie with a good female friend of mine. She ended up bringing two other girls with her…”

Question: What Causes Couples To Fall Out Of Love?

What causes couples to fall out of love? I was married once so let me punch you in your belief system with my thoughts on the matter…

Question: If She Likes Me Then Why Does She Throw Things At Me?

This week’s question is about a girl who’s displaying interest AND disinterest at the same time… what does it mean!? I’LL NEVER TELL YOU BECAUSE I HATE YOU… just jokes, here’s my thoughts …

Question: Are Full Curves On A Woman Really Considered Unattractive?

” … Okay. So, I’m really sick of all this…. I am a curvy woman. I have hips, thighs, a butt, and I chest. … “

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