Sexy Science

Is she the boss of you? The Dynamics of Holding Hands …

In my endless effort to help men understand women and dating I’ve compiled this quick (and very scientific) report on why couples hold hands and what impact it has on the dynamic of their relationships.

Alpha, Status, Value, And Power

Within every conversation there is a silent, unspoken battle for power and status… are you doing your part to display your strengths, or are you unknowingly expressing weakness? And why does this matter?

Campus Hookups And Casual Sex Culture – A Study

I’m really not surprised to find out that there’s more and more “bad” sex happening during today’s hookups.

Why? Watch this video and learn something…

The Science Of Attraction – Smell of Attraction

Video 6 of 6 – Science suggests that the smell of a person can influence your attraction to them. It is a scientific fact that we can be biologically disposed to a certain type of person based on their smell.

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