Inner Game

Question: How Far Into A New Relationship Should I Start Having Sex?

Question I’m an 18 year old female and I’m looking for your “older guy” advice… I’m trying to figure out how far into my relationship with a new boyfriend should I be starting to do sexual stuff and having sex… your thoughts?

QUESTION: How Do I Get More Confident With Women? 

QUESTION: How do I get more confident with women?  I’m 18 and I’ve always thought of myself as confident with women, but once things start to go well, or when things start to get hot, I fall apart and I lose all confidence… help! Any tips?

QUESTION: How Do I Stop Basing Everything On Looks?

QUESTION: How do I stop basing everything on looks? It’s more of an internal mindset. My standards have gotten higher and higher the more dates I’ve been on, and the girl I used to have a serious crush on (high school dream girl) now looks mediocre to me. How do

How Can I Just Be Myself Without Being Needy And Desperate?

QUESTION: How can I be myself? How did you find out who you are? ANSWER: At first you might think that we’re all just “being ourselves” but are we REALLY?

QUESTION: She loves me and another guy, what should I do?

QUESTION Okay so back in late Sept. we started dating after talking for about a month or so. She said her and her boyfriend have had issues (back before we started dating) and they weren’t doing so well, so I jokingly (not jokingly) said I’d date her (I found her

5 Little-Known Reasons Why Breakups Cause Such Intense Pain

Not many people realize that after a breakup we actually feel depressed because of the combined effects of a number of different reasons.

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