Book Recommendation: The Way of the Superior Man

I’ve read many great books over the years, so I figured I might start recommending a few… just for you!

Today I recommend “The Way of the Superior Man” by David Deida. This is my most recommended book for guys who are trying to either figure out why their girlfriend is so distant, or for guys who can’t seem to get their acts together.

In this book David Deida explains some of the strangest behaviors of women, and how we guys should behave to turn things around in our relationships. It’s mostly about how to be a man, and how being manly naturally draws feminine women towards us. Fantastic right?

Read it now.

~ Robby

5 thoughts on “Book Recommendation: The Way of the Superior Man

  1. Robby says:

    The woman's contribution is her willingness to trust your leadership, as well as all the love and affection that comes from such a dynamic.

    What was your relationship like with your mom? Did she lead you around and make all your decisions for you? If so did you find her maddeningly attractive? No, you likely hated it… at least I did.

    Now that I'm a man I feel HAPPY to take care of my woman. And in return she pampers me with dinners, back rubs, sexual play, and endless affections.

    Let me just say this – there are PLENTY of happy relationships where the man is the feminine energy (needs attention, affections, and will be submissive) and the woman is the masculine (decision maker, defender of house and home, money maker, aggressive one).

    If that's your cup of tea then start seeking these types of women. There's nothing wrong with that.

  2. Andrew says:

    I don't like "being in control", "being in the drivers seat all the time", but I realize that I have no choice, the reason why I don't like being the leader, or just leading, is that it is just a lot of work, too much work. It's like i'm spoiling the girl.

    • Robby says:

      Don't confuse submissive with a sign of weakness. Submissive women aren't necessarily "door mats." Think about how dominant a father Pit Bull can be when protecting his young, but how caring he is with them. He's not being dominant so that he can hurt them… he's teaching them assurance, certainty, and providing a feeling of security.

      A feminine woman enjoys being submissive with the masculine man she already trusts won't hurt her. She enjoys his leadership, his dominance, and his masculine power. Most women truly want a man who's powerful and yet who will be gentle enough to allow her to be completely open, vulnerable and submissive without a fear.

      Are there a lot of men like this? I'm not so sure.

      Being a powerful man with a soft touch will help invite women to feel at ease, comfortable and safe.

      Also, dominance isn't the same as domineering. Dominance simply means you're "driving the bus," not pushing people around and walking all over them. There's a huge difference.

      I hope this helps,
      ~ Robby

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