Body Language Quick Tips


When In Doubt, Lean Out.

We unconsciously lean towards what we want, and away from what we’re trying to avoid. Lean your body away from her to communicate that you’re not needy, that you’re relaxed, that you’re confident, and that you’re happy. And notice how she either leans into the space you’ve created, or leans away in her attempt to escape your body door and bad breath.

And, when she’s willing to lean into you, meet her in the middle to create rapport.

understanding body language

Powerful body language techniques


The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly…

It’s easy to look at a couple’s body language in order to predict who’s in charge, and who’s doing the chasing. And sometimes, when a couple is connected and deep into rapport they mirror each other.

Reading body language




Once glance at these photos and you’ll be able to tell that either the guy’s doing really well with her, or he’s not.




~ Robby



3 thoughts on “Body Language Quick Tips

  1. Alex says:

    is this supposed to just look good or show that she is interested. like if a girl is sleeping on my shoulder, is it to show shes relaxed and comforable with me or is it supposed to just be publicly appealing

    • robertbelland says:

      Girls don\’t give guys public affection \”to look good\” or for \”public appeal\” … that\’s ridiculous. The only reason she\’s giving you affection, in public or private, is because she\’s into you. Are you really so fearful that you need to invent reasons that she might not be into you? Are you really such a monster that it doesn\’t make sense?

      You\’re not.

      Try to force yourself to see EVERYTHING a girl does as a sign of her interest.

      She doesn\’t call you? She\’s too insecure and worried you\’ll reject her.

      She makes eye contact across a room. She\’s into you.

      She\’s dating that other guy? She\’s pretending not to like you.

      Obviously I\’m being ridiculous, but life is so much more fun when you allow yourself the freedom to see things with rose coloured glasses… and it\’ll help you escalate sooner with the women who really ARE interested… like the one\’s who rest their head\’s on your shoulder.

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