Blog Girl Testimonial – Maggie

“Robby is one of the most interesting men I have never met? which (hopefully) means there are others like him that I haven’t met. I take partial blame for the lack of encounters, men pretty much freak me out these days 🙂

I read his blog because he posts links on Facebook and the weird titles draw me in. His volition is inspiring. He truly wants you to succeed by tapping into the fun, genuine, honorable man that you are beneath all the layers of conditioning.

His approach is insightful and simple because he gives you tools you can use in the real world (please use them, thanks). I sometimes find myself looking for bits of wisdom in his articles. I wish he would write for women too.”

Maggie knows men.

Her brain is as pretty as her face. Take her advice… read my blog more.


I love testimonials.

~ Robby


P.S. Are you a Hot Girl that thinks men should listen to what I have to say? Email Me your photos and your testimonials and I’ll add it to my website. If you want links back to your website or facebook page just ask and you will receive.

Just don’t send me bogus testimonials… I only want the REAL THING!

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