Becoming The Man She Wants Take Less Then You Think


Read Seth Godin’s Blog. He’s a genius. His focus is on marketing and selling your products or services.

How does that apply to you? Well YOU are your own product. You are your own service. And women are your customers.

If you want to get good with women you need to learn how to sell yourself. This comes from hard earned expereince and from being out in the field talking to real life women and expereincing real life rejection. It’s scary, but that’s what it takes to get good.

But here’s the BEST part!

You don’t need to be a pickup artist to get a beautiful girlfriend. I’m living proof of that. I’m average at best. BUT I’ve got hundreds of hours of field experience talking, touching, and teaching women. Teaching women? Sure, why not.

So before you decide that women arn’t worth the 10,000 hours of focused practice it takes become a master, realize this… it takes very few hours of focused efforts to become a novice.

For a deeper explaination read Seth Godin’s explaination here. He explains that there seems to be three stages from being a loser to being a master, at any skill.

Getting a girl doesn’t require a MASTER. This is why most guys have girlfriends. But getting that GREAT girl might require you to be slightly better than a beginner.. and that requires a few extra hours.

Think about it… how many guys do you know who are willingly go out and practice being good with women? Next to none. Either they’re naturals, or they’re willing to settle for what ever they can get.

You can either settle for what you can get, or you can go out there, be a man with purpose, develop yourself, build yourself up, gain experience, and become the man women actually want.

~ Robby


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