Robert Belland

Robert Belland is a Multimedia Specialist, Entrepreneur, and the Author of multiple books, blogs, and self-help courses. <em>Learn all of the <a href="">secrets of attraction</a>, tension, and seduction from my very own Online Video Training -  <a href="">50% off via this link</a>, for a limited time! Questions? Just email me directly via</em>

Question: Would Sex With A Hooker Help My Confidence?

In this email I explain how sex is like going into the darkest room of a haunted house, and how to have fun doing it…

Understanding Women: Part 1 – Women are illogical?

When it comes to understanding women you must be willing to understand that attraction isn’t about logic, it’s about feelings, emotions, and our genetic instincts.

Is she the boss of you? The Dynamics of Holding Hands …

In my endless effort to help men understand women and dating I’ve compiled this quick (and very scientific) report on why couples hold hands and what impact it has on the dynamic of their relationships.

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