Article: How To Survive The Modern Day Breakup


My book Ignore & Score floats in and out of the number one spot on in the section called “Etiquette” which is why I LOVED the following article so much. It’s all about etiquette within today’s digital dating world!

It’s called “How To Survive the Modern Day Breakup.

Here’s what you can learn from this article:

  • How should you respond to a “we need to talk” text?
  • When do you change your Facebook relationship status?
  • What do you do with saved digital photos of you two together?
  • What about tagged pictures online?
  • Should I delete my ex from my friend lists?
  • How do you handle drunk dials/texts from to/from the ex?
  • Etc…

Read it. Love it. Compliment it’s author (Sam Biddle.)

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