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I like my best friend, do I tell him?

We met at church and have known each other for about a year. 8 months ago we started hanging out a lot… and right when I was about to let him know I was interested, he started dating another girl.

They’ve had a rough relationship and broke up a few weeks ago.

However, during the time they were dating, he became my best friend. (Though, we don’t refer to each other as each others’ best friend, if that makes sense.) I talk to him every day on Google Chat, and I trust him completely. We text each other when we have a rough day. I know a lot about his relationship with his ex, as he would always come to me when they were having problems. We hang out together at least once a week and always sit with each other at church. We tease and flirt with each other constantly.???People at church have noticed that we are very close, and I have received comments from them, wondering if the two of us are more than friends.

On one hand, I am terrified to tell him for fear of losing my best friend.

On the other, I don’t know if I could handle seeing him date someone else again.

Any advice?



Try kissing him when you’re both alone, when you’re both close, and when you’ve both had a super deep conversation or shared a super awesome laugh.

He’ll either be into it, or he won’t.

But I promise he won’t be mad or weird.

Just kiss him after a fun shared moment? Yes.

He can he be mad if you just act upon your feelings?!

Who would be mad at that!?

But don’t bother “talking” about it with the hope that it’ll help him to make his move. Actions speak louder than words.

Take him out where you end up in a bikini...

If that’s too scary then just be as available as possible so that if he IS into you he’s able to take action by asking you out, or kissing you, or taking you on dates, etc.

Be fun, start flirting more, and give him the impression that you’re open to him flirting back.

Hope this helps,

~ Robby



I’m catholic, are Muslim men good to date?

I was wondering if I should get involved with an iraqi man. He is Muslim and I am catholic. Is it true what they say about Muslim men on how they treat their woman?



It all depends on the man.

The best way to know for sure is to see him completely stressed, or drunk, or under pressure. If he stays composed, treats other women with respect, and doesn’t care that your religious beliefs differ, then he’s a keeper.

Otherwise keep shopping?


~ Robby

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