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What’s your favorite place to take a first date so that she doesn’t think you’re are cheap?



First of all I never worry about her thining I’m cheap… I don’t even know her yet so I have no concern for her judgements of me. The moment I get the feeling she’s judging me, or my choices, is the same moment I’ve decided not to see her again.

That being said I’ve always preferred something light and interesting…

There’s some really decent dessert shops in my city (Edmonton) that serve different cakes and treats along with coffee’s and teas. This way our date isn’t expensive (it adds up when you go on MANY MANY dates) plus it’s not weird if I end the date in 20 minutes (if she’s a total looney.)

coffee and chocolate
What’s better than coffee and chocolate?

The benefits of a coffee date:

  • It’s affordable.
  • Who doesn’t like eating cake and pie in the middle of day?
  • It’s a safe and public place where she doesn’t feel isolated or in danger.
  • There’s no booze so she doesn’t have to worry about that (I’ve heard many horror stories from women about this.)
  • It can be located on a main shopping strip, so if the date goes well I can invite her to join me for a walk to other stores and adventures.
  • If the date goes bad it’s only a coffee and I can escape after 20 minutes.

~ Robby



How do I get a second chance with this great girl?

There was this girl at my school and we were getting really close. Basically, what I did wrong was I let my emotions get to me and I started to think of negative things and that brought my morale down. We started to talk less and less but I just couldn’t lose her. To make it worst, I started sharing all my feelings with her by texting her some emotion filled text messages day in day out. At first she actually help me by giving me advice on how to stay cool and to not freak out. As the days went by, we talk less and less and I kept sending those pathetic text messages to her. It came to the point where I think she completely gave up on me and she probably just wants to be friends.

Well, a few weeks later, I finally have control of all my emotions and I’m wondering if it’s even worth trying. I care about her so much and I can’t bare seeing her with someone else. I know that I can definitely make her my girlfriend when I control my emotions, but I feel that she doesn’t want anything to do with me at all. What I’m doing now is just waiting for her because it’s summer time and I don’t see her very often. I need advice, because now she’s ignoring my text messages and I’m not panicking, but the wait is killing me and I know if I keep waiting, something bad is going to happen and I’ll never be able to get her ever again. I need advice, and just to clarify, if you knew me you would know that I’m not weird or creepy or anything like that. I;m relatively popular in high school and I played on the high school hockey team and stuff. I just got overwhelmed with emotions and I know I definitely should not of shared everything with her, but what do I do know? I need her.


Don’t fool yourself… be aware of how you’re acting.



A few weeks later you have total control of your emotions? Basically over night you’re a different guy?


And she’s never going to believe it.

That fact that you’re feeling better doesn’t suddenly mean you’re Mr. Composure.

What she needs to see is you in a situation where you would normally be upset and crazy, but instead you’re calm and awesome.

One GREAT way to show her you’ve mellowed out, and matured a little, is by NOT texting her… especially if she’s been ignoring them.

The fact that you wrote “I can’t stand to think of her with someone else” makes you sound uncomposed and delusional.

Don’t beat yourself up… life is about learning and growing up… not about chasing girls who don’t want to be with you.

Take some time to morn the loss of this great girl and learn from it. That way you don’t scare away the next great girl who wanders into your life. And trust me, no other girl is going to think you’re awesome when you’re still crying over your past girl.

Heal up and move on. You’re probably an awesome dude, so act like it.

~ Robby


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