Question: Has this girl lost interest, and what can I do?

QUESTION: Has this girl lost interest? Previously I told you about this girl that I was dating long distance.  I was going to visit her at the end of October. I did and also had a job interview there. Long story short, she texted me the day I was leaving that we didn’t have anything […]

Question: How Far Into A New Relationship Should I Start Having Sex?

Question I’m an 18 year old female and I’m looking for your “older guy” advice… I’m trying to figure out how far into my relationship with a new boyfriend should I be starting to do sexual stuff and having sex… your thoughts?

QUESTION: How Do I Get More Confident With Women? 

QUESTION: How do I get more confident with women?  I’m 18 and I’ve always thought of myself as confident with women, but once things start to go well, or when things start to get hot, I fall apart and I lose all confidence… help! Any tips?

QUESTION: How do I make make this guy, I’m sleeping with, my Boyfriend?

I have been seeing this guy I met on tinder for 4 months, and at the beginning, I was only in it for rebound from my ex. But after a while, he turn out to be a real good person, but he did mention that he is not looking to be in relationship, but later added, “I don’t know what I want”.

QUESTION: How Do I Stop Basing Everything On Looks?

QUESTION: How do I stop basing everything on looks? It’s more of an internal mindset. My standards have gotten higher and higher the more dates I’ve been on, and the girl I used to have a serious crush on (high school dream girl) now looks mediocre to me. How do I stop basing everything on […]

QUESTION: I’m Shy And Don’t Know How to Meet Women, Help!

QUESTION: Hello, I would like to take women on dates. The problem that I’m currently facing is to know where I could meet some women.I just graduated from college, and never went on a date. I know that I should have experience by now what it is like to date someone, but back then in […]

QUESTION: She Confessed Her Love And Then Dumped Me For A Bad Boy, Help!

I’m trying something new this week… I’m answering a question via video. I’ve never done this before so please check it out and let me know what you think. Am I being too mean? Am I missing the point? Am I helping a brother out? Leave your comments below.  😀